Loft Szczecin Fills Berlin Summer Apartment With Polish Materials And Furniture


Polish studio Loft Szczecin has renovated a summer apartment in the suburbs of Berlin, pairing original brick walls and ceilings with mid-century furniture (+ slideshow).

Summer apartment by Loft Szczecin

The ground-floor house is located in the middle of a forest on the outskirts of the city, and has undergone a key renovation in purchase to make it useable as a household holiday house.

Summer apartment by Loft Szczecin

Interior walls had turn out to be damp and necessary drying ahead of the group could restore them. Authentic threshing floors have been covered in excess of with bricks and wooden planks.

Summer apartment by Loft Szczecin

“The idea for the interior layout to some extent refers to the outdated Mediterranean architecture,” said Loft Szczecin founder Jacek Kolasiński. “Products and furnishings, in order to stay away from banality, had been supposed to be a minor eccentric, mysterious and sophisticated.”

Summer apartment by Loft Szczecin

All brick walls throughout the house are painted off-white. Much of the ceiling has been finished in the identical way, but some red brick sections continue to be unpainted.

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“The brick walls and ceilings were covered by a thick layer of plaster,” Kolasiński advised Dezeen. “All of the surfaces have been cleaned of plaster to expose red bricks. It was quite repetitive so the walls have been lightly covered with plaster and painted white.”

Summer apartment by Loft Szczecin

“The floor was sand, and was totally covered with old bricks that came from demolitions of industrial buildings in Poland. In the kitchen the floor is covered in old beams, also from Poland.”

Summer apartment by Loft Szczecin

In communal areas, doors had been removed to produce an open-plan circulation. Grey armchairs tucked away in a modest nook have been created in a little Polish factory in the 1950s.

Summer apartment by Loft Szczecin

“The four grey armchairs used in the interior had been bought at auction and required complete restoration,” Kolasiński mentioned. “These are very rare pieces developed in a tiny factory in Zadziel, near Żywiec in Poland, that specialises in Bauhaus design.”

Summer apartment by Loft Szczecin

“The factory was then forced to produce only health care furniture simply because the party and authorities from individuals many years imagined that items from Zadziel were also avant-garde,” he continued.

Summer apartment by Loft Szczecin

Stainless-steel countertops and a extended wooden table had been set up in the kitchen. Other furniture pieces, such as a leather chair, are from the designers’ personalized assortment.

Summer apartment by Loft Szczecin

“The kitchen furnishings, such as the raw wooden benches and table, are typically part of the furnishing of old Mediterranean homes,” Kolasiński informed Dezeen. “In this apartment there is also a well, which is standard of really outdated homes for in Spain.”

Summer apartment by Loft Szczecin

Most of the furniture and equipment employed close to the rest of the residence are mid-century pieces from the Czech Republic and Denmark.

Summer apartment by Loft Szczecin

In comparable tasks, architecture studio Atheorem renovated an apartment in Berlin employing used dark grey curtains and metallic fixtures, even though designer Sarah Van Peteghem furnished a residence in the city with vintage Danish furniture.

Photography is by Karolina Bąk.

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