Following searching back at this previous week, I honestly don&#8217t feel I could have completed a lot more DIY projects if I had slept with my affect driver beneath my pillow. I&#8217ve been like a woman possessed to build ALLTHETHINGS, and as soon as 1 undertaking is nearing completion, I get an additional &#8220brilliant&#8221 concept to create anything else, If You Give A Mouse a Cookie-type. Getting this much completed in such a quick period of time hasn&#8217t truly happened to this degree since initial moving into the UDH (during the honeymoon phase of getting a fixer-upper), but if you&#8217ve ever been in the exact same place of abruptly finding a ton of power to get items carried out, you know how impatient I&#8217m feeling this week. It&#8217s a single of people items that you know won&#8217t last permanently, so I&#8217m striving hard to capitalize on the momentum and do as considerably as possible before Netflix begins calling my identify yet again.

And nevertheless, do I have anything to really show you today—finished—as I had hoped on Monday? Actually, no. Since regardless of the amount of sawdust in my hair proper now, I have to paint a number of issues just before I can truly commence using them. But that doesn&#8217t imply I can&#8217t give you a reveal-prior to-the-reveal sneak peek, right?

Laundry space: all of the shelves are created! I nevertheless have to caulk and paint, but the puttying of holes, sanding, and priming are all done (Associated: See why I typically wait soon after the first coat of primer/paint to caulk right here).

laundry room shelf prime

Office shelves: My perfectionism is rearing its unsightly head with my minor picture ledges, but they as well are primed and ready for their 1st coat of paint.

Garage: on Monday, I hinted that I was going to begin operating on some garage makeover projects since of how frustrated I was receiving with producing the floating shelves for the laundry area. With so minor area to use as a workshop, the challenge is whether or not I can still make use of the space with no compromising its principal goal for resale (space for one car). I acquired out a pencil and paper and drew sketch soon after sketch till I came up with the 1st of numerous projects coming to this room:

garage makeover

Complete reveal coming soon following it&#8217s painted (I primed last night, so it&#8217s coming to the blog very quickly!). I would demonstrate you the rest of the area, but it&#8217s essentially every thing that a garage has—scrap wood, plywood, equipment, gardening supplies, miscellaneous furnishings I need to have to get rid of, more equipment, paint, spray paint, and workshop tables—only shoved to a single side of a narrow 9-feet-eleven-inch enclosure (um, and also a toilet and vanity for the master bath that I&#8217ll be moving to its rightful area asap). Oh, and I also added casters to my DIY work bench to make it even simpler to move close to in these tight spots. It appears like this kind of a little improvement, but it&#8217s little issues like this that can actually make life a tiny less difficult (on a connected note, I also moved the latch on my back yard fence down by about an inch following some weathering created it challenging to shut&#8230 and soon after months of the minor irritation of getting to push and pull on the gate, I can now open and close it with ease. Stupid items, ya know?)


Also (IKR), right after searching at what I presume are hundreds of images of lumber cart build plans and obtaining them all as well broad for my room, I&#8217ve come up with one particular that will use only 12 inches and two sheets of plywood. I&#8217m anxious to get commenced on this yesterday, but not just before I verify off a single a lot more point&#8230

Raised backyard beds: Yep! If you comply with on Instagram, you might have currently witnessed me creating a backyard bed following realizing I even now had a lot of leftover components from installing a fence some time ago (significantly weathered, but nevertheless workable). Woo hoo! I started out on this thing way ahead of anticipated (following all, I had only described these items as a rough idea just final week). I guess I&#8217m studying that there&#8217s truly nothing that stops me&#8230 as long I don&#8217t have to drive to the keep.

I followed these strategies, but as opposed to the preparing I&#8217ve done for the garage, I kind of slapped these collectively ahead of contemplating the area I was placing them in. Shortly after taking the above pic, I recognized I needed the beds to be much narrower as they will be utilised for flowering shrubs and not food (the back yard nevertheless will get as well significantly shade on this side from neighboring yards to genuinely operate for edibles). So, I&#8217ve taken them apart and will be reconfiguring the beds for how I prepare to use them towards the neighbor&#8217s fence. The strategy is to finish the rest above the weekend and hopefully get to the layering phases of appropriately creating up the bed components (cardboard initial, then mulch, then soil). And of program, I only recognized how much cardboard I&#8217m going to require following providing away a complete bin&#8217s worth to recycling this week. Meh.

raised garden beds

There you have it! I&#8217m nonetheless in the midst of my complete-blown buildathon, and can&#8217t wait to see what other plans pop up following (I&#8217ve already been brainstorming for the entryway, really). Have you ever been in a period of fruitful industriousness like I have been this week? What are you hoping to finish by Monday?

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