A group of architecture college students has designed a conceptual “levitation suit” that makes it possible for visitors to experience 3D sleeping as if they had been floating in zero gravity .


Students from the AA Visiting College Slovenia developed the idea to let site visitors to spend the night at the Cultural Centre of European Room Technologies (KSEVT) in rural Slovenia.


The task, called KSEVT Hotel, entails suspending guests beneath a internet of ropes and pulleys that permits them to adopt any place even though sleeping. This replicates the feeling of sleeping in area – although in practice real astronauts have a tendency to strap themselves in when sleeping to stay away from numb limbs or bashing into issues.


Asked to come up with concepts to advertise sustainable tourism at KSEVT, the group commenced by asking themselves the question: how can KSEVT accommodate sleepovers?


“The website-certain added worth to the KSEVT exhibition is the expertise of levitation in an surroundings of gravity,” the group wrote. “The team’s discipline of investigation was the transition from typical 2D sleeping to the expertise of 3D sleeping.”


The idea, developed in the course of the 3-week workshop final July, is intended to advertise “nanotourism” at the new centre, which lies shut to the little town of Vitanje.


The town has a population of just 800. The staff wanted to produce a visitor attraction that prevented the pitfalls of standard tourism and that alternatively follows the ideas of nanotourism, which promotes “a participatory, locally oriented, bottom-up different”.

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The idea helps supply accommodation at the centre, as nicely as fulfilling its remit of offering a cultural programme close to the notion of space exploration.


KSEVT Hotel offers two different experiences aimed at individuals and groups. “The personal model permits the researcher to spend the evening in KSEVT by sleeping in a uniquely engineered levitation suit, suspended in the central area of KSEVT,” the crew stated.

“With the collective encounter, a group of people is capable to encounter 3D sleeping as an extended feature of the exhibition, where a set of pyramid shaped cushions help your entire entire body in a customized 3D place although asleep.”


Nanotourism was 1 of the research topics at last year’s Ljubljana’s Biennial of Layout (BIO 50), and the team worked closely with biennial director Jan Boelen to develop the task.

The AA Going to School Slovenia is an experimental educating and analysis programme connected to the AA Going to School (AAVS) at the Architectural Association, London.

KSEVT HotelThe Cultural Centre of European Space Technologies

The project director for the KSEVT Hotel project was Aljoša Dekleva, with visiting professionals like Jan Boelen, KVEST director Miha Turšič and Nikola Radeljković of Zagred style team Numen/For Use.

The deadline for applications for this year’s Nanotourist Techniques workshop at KVEST is twenty June. Complete details are on the AAVS website.

Photography is by Ajda Schmidt.

KSEVT Hotel Notion diagram KSEVT HotelDiagram of the suit KSEVT Hotel Diagram displaying the transformation from hammocks to a suit Dezeen


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