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Purple is one of the mysterious and beautiful shading, which one can imagine. It is made up of blue and red. These two shades are very strong and expressive. You very strongly influence the mood and the people’s well-being. In this article, we present you some interior design ideas with violet color to maybe inspire!

wall design proposals purple wall color

If you look at the Rainbow, purple is the last shading, who shows up. Warm (by red) and cold (by the blue) come together in this. Grey, lavender, Plum, Indigo and other colours belong to the different variants of the same shade. In nature, the Violet is not one of the most popular colors. You can experience them at least on some flowers, and also in the deeper layers of some gems. That’s why this colour symbolizes wealth, opulence and power.

bathroom wall design in purple

Violet helps ensure that the human intuition and imagination are wonderfully develop. In practice, it is therefore selected by people with strong and very creative character. You can relax too much easier through the shading, and calm. That’s why this shading in Spa very often occurs areas. The violet attributed to many magical properties. It’s wonderful, if one performs it for yoga meditation rooms and such. Seen in this way always a mysterious aura.

color interior design ideas purple carpet

The danger which consists above all in the application of this shading is that you might crowded the room with too many dark shades. However, this effect might be even welcome in the bedroom. If you want to equip a room with violet, who generously and elegant looks, you should combine this color with silver and gold. Don’t be afraid of in this case before the contrasts. For example can be combined wonderfully with violet yellow or lemon yellow. In the workroom, violet will weaken the concentration. However, in the kitchen or in the spa area is she the right mood bring.

interior design ideas attractive sofa

In the lounge, the shading is most suitable. Just see to that you run the walls in this harmonious colors. Violet interior design put intelligent pull all the nuances into consideration and the results will be simply fascinating!

interior design ideas bedroom blanket

interior design ideas furniture upholstery

interior design ideas living room purple accents

interior design ideas table design purple

interior design ideas Throw light purple

interior design ideen.violett color

living room ideas attractive device sitting area

make viotett wall color kitchen

purple cloths different nuances

violet accent living room interior

violet furniture violet green wall design

violet red sofa in interior elmente

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