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Right here are some differences in between cultured marble vs. granite materials gathered for you so you can choose which one is better. As we know that cultured marble is manufactured from fiberglass resin, color pigments and crushed limestone. And we also know granite is a organic stone. They can be discovered on your kitchen countertops, tiles, walls and other locations in your home. They are the most common materials today. Still, there are some major differences in between them. Are you curious to know what they are?

Initial is the price. Did you know that to produce cultured marble, a mold is necessary in order to fit the size and shape preferred? To make this cultured marble, you will want resin, coloring, powdered stone and other ingredient blended collectively. Then you want to pour them into the mold. When it gets hardened, it should be covered with a clear gel coat sealant. You will find this process is sort of low cost to stick to. So, cultured marble material is by far the least expensive. As for granite, yes, it is no doubt that this material is far a lot more pricey. The price for creating granite rock into a ready-to-use product depends not only on discovering, shipping and cutting it from its all-natural location, but also the rareness of pattern and color from the stone per se.

Second is the durability. Cultured marble is a non-porous stone, thanks to the gel coat on it. It is also stain-resistant surface. Nonetheless this cultured marble scratches easily also. The scratches will be discolored if you do absolutely nothing about it. As for granite, it is highly resistant to getting scraped, stained or chipped. You will locate it is nearly not possible for a knife to make a scratch on it. Granite is truly the hardest and strongest stones ever found in nature. As for cultured marble, it only comes with a three to 5 year of warranty.

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