Crowdsourcing Campaign Launched To Repurpose Austrian Bridge


Berlin crowdsourcing platform Jovoto has launched an open design competitors to repurpose a defunct railway bridge spanning the Danube river in Linz.

Jovoto is asking members of the public to submit and vote on ideas to recycle components of a 393-metre-lengthy steel bridge in “the world’s greatest upcycling project”.

The 120-yr-old railway bridge is reaching the finish of its technical existence and the campaign has been launched to preserve some of the historic framework inside a civic undertaking.

Bridge-Danube-river-Liz-crowdsourced-campaign-repurpose-proposal_RK_341_dezeen_468_1 This picture: Levels’ RK_341 proposal could offer a platform for public performances. Primary picture: The existing railway bridge more than the Danube river is 120 years old

Above 30 proposals have been submitted to the on the web competition so far, which is open to architects, engineers, artists and designers and runs until finally 31 August 2015.

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Amongst the suggestions are a globe-shaped observation tower, a zip-wire line and an ice rink, whilst one particular applicant has pledged to convert the bridge into a giant crocodile-shaped play park.

The construction of the winning design will be funded by the bridge owner Linz AG, unlike crowdfunded projects that depend on public donations. Last month, a Dutch studio finished the “world’s very first crowdfunded public infrastructure project” – a pedestrian bridge in Rotterdam.

Bridge-Danube-river-Liz-crowdsourced-campaign-repurpose-proposal_cyancyan_dezeen_468_0 Cyancyan’s Seesaw proposal would offer a tilting observation level

Crowdsourcing and crowdfunding are getting to be popular methods for organisations to look for public input and funding on proposals. Big has recently turned to the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter to finance a prototype for its Waste-to-Power Plant, although the National Museum of Qatar has launched a nationwide competition to design its visual identity.

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Jovoto claims that public involvement in the redevelopment of the Linz bridge could support to overcome negative responses to the prospective scheme – citing the scrapping of Zaha Hadid’s Tokyo Olympics stadium as a important example.

“There’s a increasing movement in the direction of the use of on the web crowd-based platforms to publicly weigh-in on civil tasks,” mentioned a statement from Jovoto. “Crowd-accepted results tend to substantially increase the chance of a win-win predicament for all stakeholders.”

Bridge-Danube-river-Liz-crowdsourced-campaign-repurpose-proposal_Mocki010_dezeen_468_2 Mocki010’s Glacier Property proposal could host exhibitions, concerts and a restaurant

“We only have to look at the lately scrapped Olympic stadium in Tokyo, Japan, for proof of what occurs if the public is not engaged throughout the style phase.”

On 27 September 2015, Linz residents will be asked to vote for their favourite style, or to depart the bridge intact alongside its replacement. A related method is underway in New Zealand, exactly where the public is being provided the choice to choose a new flag style from a assortment of forty options or hold the country’s existing banner.



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