Dutch Design and style Week 2015: golf outfits have received a graphic makeover from Layout Academy Eindhoven graduate Jason Webpage, whose collection of alternative attire is created to make the sport more accessible.

Birdie by Jason Page

The designer, who grew up playing golf, wanted to create garments that would make the sport far more appealing to a broad selection of individuals.

“When I came to Europe I realised there are more limitations on the game than I am utilised to,” the designer advised Dezeen.

Birdie by Jason Page

“I started out pondering – I really like the game, I wanted to do something with it. I needed to open it up and make the sport far more playful, due to the fact in the end it is just sport.”

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Web page made two patterned golf jumpsuits that belt at the middle: one brief-sleeved design and style featuring polka dots and a polo shirt collar, and a single lengthy-sleeved with yellow, blue and white cloud shapes, and a ribbed collar and cuffs.

Birdie by Jason Page

Both garments feature embroidered graphic motifs such as leaping golfers, flaming belts, chicken wings, and disembodied bird heads.

To pattern the jumpsuits, Webpage referred to maps from elite golf programs as properly as the sort of language usually utilised by golfers to design and style visuals that would “open the sport”.

Birdie by Jason Page

“There are only a handful of restrictions in golf, and that is the type of lower of the clothes – it has to have a colour, be a various length, and it can not have a massive emblem,” he told Dezeen.

Birdie by Jason Page

“Aside from that I realised that several of the firms weren’t truly taking adventurous measures. They have been perhaps generating quite kitsch loud pants, but nothing which normal men and women, outside of golf, would want to strategy or be concerned in,” the designer extra.

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Webpage also highlighted golf’s lack of racial diversity, explaining that he created the garments as a way of encouraging an atmosphere that would be much more inclusive, and more appealing to a wider group of men and women.

Birdie by Jason Page

“It is a large machine. I can attempt to fix it, or function with 1 level of the machine,” he mentioned. “I commenced the task attempting to design and style a golf course – an expertise exactly where individuals would go to play putt putt, but they go to a bigger golf program.”

Birdie by Jason Page

“But that was a bigger ambition, so I thought clothing is something manageable and tangible that folks can connect with. It really is a good beginning level for an notion,” he extra.

Birdie is on display at Style Academy Eindhoven as element of Dutch Design Week, which runs from 17 to 25 October.

Birdie by Jason Page

Other trend collections on display consist of Vera de Pont’s cut-out garments that are assembled by the wearer, and Jessica Smarsch’s textured garments based on muscle movement data.

Fellow Eindhoven students have also addressed topical concerns, such as Stefania Vulpi’s conceptual online platform for sharing citizenship, and Manon van Hoeckel’s mobile embassy for immigrants.

Birdie by Jason Page

In his opening speech to the demonstrate, creative director Thomas Widdershoven commented on Design Academy Eindhoven students’ shift in attention away from generating stunning objects and in the direction of addressing true-world concerns.



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