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We’ll appear at the layout of an natural House the place has been utilized rustic stone, bamboo and wood constructing resources mixed with modern components like ceramic brick exposed attaining a harmonious complete housing remains fresh all through the 12 months thanks to the cross-ventilation and a formidable natural lighting from the side windows and from rooftops, see:

Design of organic stone house brick and natural fibers

Rustic building components used in the facade
It is essential to highlight that in the Brick Property design and style have been utilized components that are discovered in the location as we have seen it need to be a priority not only to connect with the natural environment but also to minimize fees in the building.

Design organic rustic house facade

Lifting of the ceilings that we see in the photo above permits you to make openings for ventilation cross in this way naturally heated interior, this is best if the building is found in warm places.

Possible placement of points artificial light in shade parts of the facade to highlight the rustic particulars that Yes maintaining the ‘natural’ character that pervades the entire of the layout-oriented.

Design rustic semi circular kitchen

There is harmony in the use of developing components this kind of as stone, water and the thatch (cane or bamboo) and modern day resources like ceramic brick the use of concrete polished floors with curved lines styles feature to complement the decor.

House floor plan
In the center of the Home has been created an open circular room (courtyard) getting the centerpiece, against this level of light we discovered the area (Residing area) and the kitchen has a bar which is extended to an space of four stools at the bottom appropriate we see two circles that make up the private spot, a single is a bedroom (Master Bedroom) with ensuite bathroom and a review or also might be used as a bedroom for visitors (Examine / Guest Betroom).

Design of organic rustic room

Design rustic bedroom semi circle

Design rustic stairs

Facade of organic rustic home at night

rustic decor

Rustic interior decoration

Rustic interior design

Plano home rustic organic circular shapes

Area Decorating Ideas


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