Natucer is one of the producers of ceramic tiles of the soul. Formats and dimensions which conform to the tradition of ceramic tiles surfaces, finishes as Natucer delights each time by means of colours, textures, different shapes that decorate the interiors via subtle meanings and symbols.

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Hexagonal shapes, square, rectangular, light-by way of extrusion at various heights, all-natural wavy surface, with inspiration in the textile braid &#8220kicks&#8221 of dress in recommended, transposing the respect for tradition and the background of ceramics in every portion of the material. The worth of aesthetics is in the subtlety of the shapes, colours, and inspirational, database of creativity.

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The production technological innovation is aligned with the latest technologies and at the identical time preserving traditional craft paint, manual processing. Items to make with soul, otherwise &#8230 I by no means have talked about them &#8230Here&#8217s their booth at this year&#8217s Cersaie:

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