Design and style pupil Anna Herrmann has created a chair by weaving pairs of laddered tights onto a steel frame.

Herrman’s quick while studying at the University of Applied Sciences Aachen was to create a new product out of an current, familiar daily object by modifying its characteristics and placing it into a new context.

50 Den by Anna Herrmann

Her personalized ambition was to develop a prolonged-lasting product out of a generally disposable commodity.

“Due to their high liability to ladder, sheer tights are only in short-term utilization and for that reason were perfect for my purposes,” said the designer, who was inspired to use the material when she observed how typically her pals complained about the amount of tights they repeatedly had to acquire.

By using standard weaving methods, Herrmann was able to repurpose the delicate materials into some thing far more robust, while sustaining its elasticity.

50 Den by Anna Herrmann

She meant to only use previous tights, sourced from friends and buddies of pals, but in the finish had to buy about half the pairs essential for the task.

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The chair’s frame consists of six- and 12-millimetre steel bars, even though the seat and back are produced from roughly 60 pairs of tights woven straight onto the frame. “It was really exiting to see how completely various the material looked following it had been woven,” explained Herrmann, who made the piece by hand.

50 Den by Anna Herrmann

Even though the designer deliberately determined to use only conventional nude and black colours connected with sheer tights, she mentioned that a lot of men and women do not recognise the material at very first glance. Couple of think the seat will consider their weight.

“They are only thinking of the fragility that typically is linked with tights,” explained the designer. “I discovered that extremely exciting, since the chair is truly actually stable.

50 Den by Anna Herrmann

“The tactics of a standard weaving loom are used to assure the solidity of the fabric – and the seat benefits from the textile’s elasticity, enabling it to adapt to each user,” she extra.

The chair is even made with smooth edges throughout to ensure it will not ladder any a lot more hosiery. “I wanted to use outdated tights to develop a chair that doesn’t ‘harm’ a lot more tights,” she explained.

50 Den by Anna Herrmann

Tights have previously been stretched across the walls of a pop-up shop in Melbourne, whilst a conceptual pen that mends damaged outfits by “printing” over rips and tears could 1 day make laddered tights a point of the past.



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