The new bathroom collection of designer Marc Newson made not too long ago in Australia Furrore. The exclusive bathroom ceramics and bathroom fittings are outfitted with minimalist design and are designed for people, who value the special.

White basin stainless steel glossy modern furniture design ideas

The wall style is essential, of course, the bathroom with exclusive bathroom ceramics and bathroom fittings wins but timeless charm. The Australian designer Marc Newton has Brought a new collection on the market place. A wide variety of merchandise is available to select from – 22 among them combinable bathroom furnishings and equipment function minimalist layout. Clean lines and stylish shapes dominate the patterns and will not let go of the eyes. The purist white color emphasizes the style and Produces a cozy ambience. The sanitary ware is divided into two variants Presented – Matt or large-gloss look. The bathroom fittings created of stainless steel to add the idea. The only color accent is the orange shower head.

Bath detached fittings stainless Mischbaterie modern minimalist furniture

In the bathroom, you would like to unwind in particular. The neutral colours and the soft, organic shapes generate a modern and at the sametime cozy environment. The bathroom ceramics and bathroom fittings of the Australian brand supply functions on and a consummate minimalist layout innovation. They are ideal for Both classical and modern bathroom. What a lot more could you want for?

Bath shower head stainless steel orange plastic detail modern design

The renowned designer Marc Newton has lived in Tokyo, Paris and London and worked. During his travels, the designer discovered new inspiration and what Awarded many design prizes. His performs are Exhibited nowadays in a lot of museums.

Bathtub faucet freestanding legs black purist furniture

Faucet orange color steel plastic detail set modern bathroom

Faucet stainless steel stylish modern design idea sink white

Fittings ideas stainless steel sink faucet practically white

Fittings Stainless steel Faucet bath filler modern optics trends 2014

modern minimalist furniture minimalist white color bathroom

Plumbing form furniture deisgn toilet simple purist

purist white tub modern design black legs

Shower holder fittings stainless steel modern bathroom ideas


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