Comments update: the bad design and style of refugee camps was thrust into the spotlight this week right after we interviewed one of the world’s leading authorities on humanitarian assist.

Tent towns: Kilian Kleinschmidt – a former high-level United Nations support employee and founder of aid consultancy, Switxboard – warned that a lack of willingness to recognise the long lasting nature of refugee camps was foremost to a failure to give much-necessary infrastructure in “the cities of tomorrow”.

“This is the largest challenge architects have faced in a generation,” said James. “I just hope we’re up to it.”

“It would be excellent to see some key architectural organisations and influential architects get collectively to push for a radical rethink of refugee camps,” additional Lindsay. “The typical stay of 17 years [in a camp] is a frightening statistic.”

Other individuals agreed with Kleinschmidt that advances in technology would provide improved possibilities for those residing in camps to form their urban environments.

“It shouldn’t and won’t just be left to governments to give sophisticated refugee camps in the future,” wrote Patrick. “3D printing, as the post points out, will allow people to consider charge of obtaining what they want when they need to have it.” Read through the comments on this story »

World's tallest building planned for Iraq's Basra ProvinceBride tower design and style by AMBS Architects

Booming Basra: plans to construct the world’s tallest developing in Iraq had been unveiled last week, but is the war-torn nation ready for such a huge growth?

“It truly is ridiculous to invest a load of cash on a venture like this in a nation that has a lot of other issues that need to have to be solved,” said Remco Boersma. “Maybe they need to sort out the electrical power and infrastructure very first,” agreed Zenjebil.

Not absolutely everyone was as pessimistic about the proposal, which was described as the “world’s 1st vertical city” by its designers.

“It is encouraging to see ambitious suggestions put forward for the potential of Iraq,” concluded regular commenter James. Go through the feedback on this story »

Ark Encounter by Troyer GroupArk Experience by Troyer Group

Noah’s park: news that a theme park featuring a giant wooden construction based mostly on Noah’s Ark is nearing completion sparked a debate about the use of architecture for the promotion of creationist views.

“[This theme park] will contribute to the distortion of normal historical past training,” wrote Charles. “It is therefore unattainable to separate the technical achievement from the indoctrination it represents.”

“Shame on the mocking commenters who are not including to the discussion about design and style, development, or constructing,” replied The Liberty Disciple. “Requiring a concrete core to help it, this will actually be an impressive creating in scale and detail”.

“If we can have a theme park with a talking mouse, we can have a theme park with a magic boat,” quipped back James Briano. Read the comments on this story »

Copenhagen Gate by Steven HollCopenhagen Gate by Steven Holl

A bridge as well far? A pair of Steven Holl-developed skyscrapers for Copenhagen linked by a pedestrian and cycle bridge came underneath fire from readers this week.

“I can currently say that no [cyclist] will take an elevator to cross that element of the harbour, which you can simply go about,” explained a commenter calling themselves Gentcement.

Readers also took to Instagram to vent their views. “It seems great but what about each day performance?” asked Lykke. “Are you supposed to enter a tower with your bike? Sorry but that is just plain stupid.”

“It is just another gimmick,” extra a guest commenter. “Just because anything can be done, isn’t going to indicate that it must be.” Study the remarks on this story »

Primary picture of a refugee camp on the Turkey-Syria border courtesy of Shutterstock.

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