Act_Romegialli Damp-proofs A Venetian Home Against The Rising Tides Of The City’s Waterways


A concrete basin constructed within this modest apartment in Venice is designed to fend off flooding from the city’s waterways.

St. giobbe +160 by Act_Romegialli

Italian architecture studio Act_Romegialli was asked to restore the ground floor of a residence on Fondamenta di San Giobbe – a canal-side street in the Cannaregio district of the city.

St. giobbe +160 by Act_Romegialli

The architects carried out water-proofing perform to shield the property – which was initially used as a workshop prior to its conversion into housing – against flooding caused by rising sea ranges.

This concerned casting a reinforced concrete container within the confines of the forty-square-metre room, with sides that rise over the prior entrance level.

St. giobbe +160 by Act_Romegialli

Inner partitions and furnishings had been then integrated into this construction to develop a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and lounge.

St. giobbe +160 by Act_Romegialli

“Hydraulic engineering and technical infrastructure have been employed as the commencing point to solve the total reconfiguration of the inner architectural layout answer,” explained the architects.

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“Contemplating the typical degree of the tides surveyed among 1870 to 2000, it was uncovered that a level of +160 centimetres would be sufficient to safeguard the area from centennial maximum higher tides.”

St. giobbe +160 by Act_Romegialli

This measurement is integrated in the name of the project, which is called St. Giobbe +160.

The waterproof tank is surrounded by 160-centimetre-tall sides, with the floor of the residing space set at an intermediate degree of 122 centimetres – just beneath the lip of the concrete container – and the bedroom, bathroom and kitchen at the 160-centimetre safety level.

“The consistent concrete wall perimeter degree of +160 centimetres provides the internal room a sense of safety and intimacy,” explained the studio.

St. giobbe +160 by Act_Romegialli

A short flight of methods lead from street degree up to the lip of the container and then down into the living area.

White-painted textured wooden panelling covers the upper components of the walls above the likely waterline.

St. giobbe +160 by Act_Romegialli

The wooden panelling also sections off a bedroom towards the back of the space, which attributes an integrated glass-fronted bookcase.

St. giobbe +160 by Act_Romegialli

A concrete stage prospects up to a narrow galley kitchen and bathroom located on larger ground and decorated with monochrome tiles.

St. giobbe +160 by Act_Romegialli

Sliding doors positioned at both finish of the narrow kitchen can be employed to separate the bathroom and the dining area from the kitchen.

St. giobbe +160 by Act_Romegialli

Photography is by Marcello Mariana.

Task credits:

Design group: Act_Romegialli, Gianmatteo Romegialli, Angela Maria Romegialli, Erika Gaggia
Collaborators: Luigi Guzzardi and Roberto Pescarollo

St. giobbe +160 by Act_RomegialliProgram St. giobbe +160 by Act_RomegialliPart Dezeen


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