Felt Ball Rug | Dream Green DIY

Reality be advised, even though I&#8217ve constantly considered myself a color lover, I&#8217ve lately been craving white, white spaces—from the walls, appropriate on down to the furnishings. That mentioned, you&#8217ll in no way be ready to persuade me to give up my colorful accessories—those sorts of moveable, storable pieces that give a area persona and bold interest, without the permanence of large scale furnishings or drywall. So when FeltBallRug.com proposed a nonprofit partnership and showed me the options, I knew appropriate away which rug to contact &#8220dibs!&#8221 on.

Felt Ball Rug | Dream Green DIY

This Round Multi-Colour Felt Ball Rug packs immeasurable character and has been this kind of a joyful addition to the DGD studio. I don&#8217t feel it&#8217s even possible to count all of the diverse colors in the heirloom piece, but you far better feel I tried. I could stare at it all day lengthy. And although it certainly falls into the &#8220storable&#8221 category, I don&#8217t see myself tucking this attractiveness away any time quickly.

Felt Ball Rug | Dream Green DIY Felt Ball Rug | Dream Green DIY

Think it or not, even though, the colors aren&#8217t the greatest component about this rug. This was my first time hearing about the FeltBallRug.com brand and I grew to become an instantaneous supporter right after hearing more about the mission. Each and every rug—including its hundreds (or 1000’s!) of hand-rolled and sun-dried felt balls—is handmade in Nepal. With an emphasis on environmentally friendly manufacturing as properly as a target on bettering the lives of the makers of the rugs themselves, the brand naturally dyes the felt and engages in fair-trade practices with ladies in Nepal. I really like, adore, Really like the movie that they put together spotlighting the procedure and the individuals, and you can catch the whole point below.

Large thanks to FeltBallRug.com for inviting me to be a little element in their result in and I couldn&#8217t be more thrilled to spread the word!


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