Austrian designer Klemens Schillinger has designed a series of rings that are sized to present the fluctuating cost of gold in excess of the past 5 decades, as part of a jewellery assortment .


Schillinger was paired with Viennese jewellers AE Köchert Juweliere for Vienna Layout Week’s Passionswege programme, which teams designers and the city’s manufacturing businesses.

His Component 79 task resulted in a set of rings, bracelets and necklace pendants all made from gold – the 79th element in the periodic table.

AE Kochert Juweliere for Vienna Design Week

Every single of the types presents diverse values of gold – like purity, strength and value – in wearable objects.

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“It truly is about visualising the intrinsic values of gold, not just its visual attractiveness,” mentioned Schillinger, who is primarily based in London. “I’ve taken the inner worth of gold and turned it into a design and style principle.”

AE Kochert Juweliere for Vienna Design Week

Schillinger’s previous projects variety from concrete desk equipment shaped like ancient architectural monuments and a lamp that can rotate freely with no the interruption of wires, but he had by no means worked with gold or jewellery before.

He produced the set of rings to represent the cost of gold more than the previous 5 decades as bodily objects.

AE Kochert Juweliere for Vienna Design Week

Each and every has the very same faceted style but varies in depth, exhibiting how significantly gold could be bought for the very same sum of cash in different years – taking inflation into account.

“The gold value has altered fairly a bit in excess of the previous 50 many years, this turns into the layout parameter for a ring,” he explained. “You can see how much ring you would have gotten in that yr.”

AE Kochert Juweliere for Vienna Design Week

Schillinger has documented the rates for each and every 12 months since 1965, but 5 of the rings – representing 1970, 1980, 1990, 2000 and 2015 – have been created for the undertaking.

He has also developed an app that permits customers to flick through time and observe the ring alter in size as the many years pass on display.

“You can see that in the 1970s you would have had a lot of gold for the same quantity of funds that you would in the 1980s – seven.5 times much more just ten many years ahead of,” said Schillinger.

AE Kochert Juweliere for Vienna Design Week

Schillinger has also visualised the different purities of gold, measured in carats, using a set of three pendants that hang from chain necklaces.

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“Gold is normally alloyed with other metals to make it stronger when is utilised in jewellery, otherwise it would be too soft,” he mentioned.

The 24-carat pure-gold pendant is represented as a best sphere. An 18-carat design has a slightly faceted surface, and the 14-carat piece – 58.5 per cent gold – is even much more angular.

AE Kochert Juweliere for Vienna Design Week

“The pendants take the notion of picture visualisation and make it into a three-dimensional object,” said Schillinger.

Ultimately, the bracelet patterns examine the power of the materials by evaluating various carat values.

“24 carat is quite soft, although 14 carat is considerably stronger,” explained the designer, who developed a base design for the series of cuffs with three bands linked by triangular supporting aspects.

AE Kochert Juweliere for Vienna Design Week

As the softer material demands much more structural assistance, added vertical braces are added to the pieces produced from the much more pure gold.

Only one piece from each set has been created in actual gold. These pieces are presented alongside 3D-printed versions of the other variants.

The pendant and rings are 3D-printed in wax to develop a mould, then cast in two pieces and soldered with each other. A comparable procedure was utilized to cast the triangular sections of the bracelet, which are joined together with sections of thin gold wire by hand.

“You could 3D print and cast the whole piece, but the craftsman is as well proud to do it in that way,” mentioned Schillinger.

AE Kochert Juweliere for Vienna Design Week

The pendant can be purchased for around €1,500 (£1,105), the bracelet is €5,900 (£4,345) and the ring –representing this year’s gold cost charges €890 (£655).

The jewellery is on demonstrate at AE Köchert Juweliere’s retailer on Neuer Markt in the centre of Vienna, for the duration of the city’s layout week. Also element of this year’s Paissonswege task, Kneip worked with a water-jet cutting business to develop a set of miniature motorised sculptures.



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