12 Perfect Books for Your Summer Vacay

Summer means lounging by the pool or vacations by the beach or perhaps even a honeymoon!?! Well, it’s also the perfect time to catch up on some books. I’ve been loving listening to books on my iPhone with Audible. If you aren’t familiar with Audible, it’s a great place to find the latest books to listen to on your iPhone. It’s simple to use and they have a great library of books – and the best part? They have a 30-day trial with a free download for your first book, so it’s a great chance to try it out with no cost to you!

So, here is my Summer Reading List – the books I hope to listen to while lounging by the pool this summer – and I think they could be great inspiration if you’re looking for a new book this summer as well! 🙂

12 Perfect Books for Your Summer Vacay

1. Sweetbitter – Shot from a mundane, provincial past, Tess comes to New York in the stifling summer of 2006. Alone, knowing no one, living in a rented room in Williamsburg, she manages to land a job as a backwaiter at a celebrated downtown Manhattan restaurant. This begins the year we spend with Tess as she starts to navigate the chaotic, enchanting, punishing, and privileged life she has chosen as well as the remorseless and luminous city around her. What follows is her education: in oysters, champagne, the appellations of Burgundy, friendship, cocaine, lust, love, and dive bars.

2. One True Loves – Emma marries her high school sweetheart, Jesse, who is tragically killed on their one-year wedding anniversary. She doesn’t know how she’ll go on or if she’ll ever find happiness again. Emma picks up the pieces, eventually finding love with her old friend Sam. But then, the unthinkable happens: Jesse is found. Can you have more than one true love?

3. Rich and Pretty – This book follows two childhood best friends, Sarah and Lauren, who have been through everything together. But now they’re on separate paths, with Sarah planning her wedding and Lauren trying to figure out her life and career. Can women who were once inseparable but now leading drastically different lives still call themselves best friends?

4. The Girls – When lonely teenager Evie Boyd sees a group of girls in the park, she’s immediately taken by their charms — their sense of freedom, their sense of abandon. She catches the attention of one of the older girls and soon finds herself drawn into a cult and the lure of its seductive leader. The Girls is a thrilling debut novel about the power and danger of girlhood.

12 Perfect Books for Your Summer Vacay

5. The Girl on the Train – This book was recommended from a few friends of mine who really loved Gone Girl (which I read and loved!) so I’m excited to check out this addicting thriller.

6. Modern Romance – “A hilarious, thoughtful, and in-depth exploration of the pleasures and perils of modern romance from one of this generation’s most popular and sharpest comedic voices, Aziz Ansari.” Count me in! I love Aziz!!

7. Big Magic: Creative Living Behind Fear – This book was recommended to me by quite a few people and I’m hoping this summer I can finally read it! It was described to me “as a must read for any creative.”

8. The Sun & The Moon & The Rolling Stones – I love reading books on bands and this one by Vanity Fair contributor Rich Cohen, who traveled with the band in the 1990s as a reporter for Rolling Stone, sounds like a great read.

12 Perfect Books for Your Summer Vacay

9. Your Favorite Band is Killing Me – Music critic Steven Hyden explores 19 music rivalries and what they say about life. Beatles vs. Stones. Biggie vs. Tupac. Kanye vs. Taylor. Who do you choose? And what does that say about you? Actually – what do these endlessly argued about pop music rivalries say about us? Love this concept for a book!

10. But What If We’re Wrong? –From American pop culture critic Chuck Klosterman comes an in-depth commentary on the contemporary world, written from a point of view far in the future. Klosterman has prodded creative thinkers like David Byrne, Ryan Adams and Kathryn Schultz with questions spanning from music and sports to gravity and democracy. Weaving subtle humor with thoughtful analysis, But What If We’re Wrong is a book that explains things we’ll never know as if we actually could.

11. Modern Lovers – Described as “Friends meets Almost Famous,” this is a novel about a tight-knit group of friends from college – their own kids now going to college – and what it means to finally grow up well after adulthood has set in.

12. Wreck and Order – A boldly candid, raw portrait of a young woman’s search for meaning and purpose in an indifferent world.

I’d love to hear what’s on your list for this summer in the comments, so please share!

And if you aren’t sure about audiobooks, Audible has a 30-day FREE trial when you download your first book, so this summer might just be the perfect time to try it out. 🙂

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Audible. The opinions and text are all mine.


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