15 stylish diy upholstered headboards cover

A headboard is a detail that can add to your bedroom décor, highlight it or even contrast with it. There are tons of kinds of headboards to attempt or make: reclaimed wood, forged, upholstered, tufted, patchwork, leather, with storage spaces and lamps and lights attached.

Upholstered headboards are the most well-liked ones for any bedroom, master and guest, adults’ and kids’, simply because it is soft, comfy, simple to make and suits any bedroom interior. They can be of diverse shapes and contours, decorative nails add to the look of an upholstered headboard, so you can attach them following you finish the complete headboard.

How To Make An Upholstered Headboard?

An upholstered headboard is rather straightforward to DIY, you can renovate virtually any other headboard – a wooden, forged, leather, metal and turn it into an upholstered 1. If you do not have a headboard at all, just take a proper piece of cardboard or wood to use. Select the material you like and prepare foam, it is very crucial for an upholstered headboard to make it soft and to hide all the imperfections or the shape of the unique headboard. Reduce your foam according to the form of the headboard and using a correct adhesive attach the foam to the headboard.  To cover the headboard, lower one headboard form from decorator fabric and an additional from muslin, including three/4 inch all around for seam allowances. With right sides together and beginning at an end, pin the piping to the headboard front fabric. Clip the curves to ease the sewing. Making use of one/two-inch seam allowances, a zipper foot, and easing the piping as you go, sew the piping to the front material piece. Minimize off remaining piping. Repeat with the headboard back fabric.

Look at the DIY upholstered headboards below and choose the tutorial you like!

soft DIY upholstered headboard

soft DIY upholstered headboard (via hgtv)

DIY bold upholstered headboard

DIY daring upholstered headboard (via bhg)

DIY upholstered headboard from picture frames

DIY upholstered headboard from picture frames (by way of calmcradle)


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