Sleeping and seeing the ocean is normal and waking up in the morning to see the sea waves sounds more like a dream. Today we’d like to show you a collection of bedrooms with ocean view, in which the dreams do come true. Let’s dream, shall we?


Lying on the bed and watching the ocean, one hardly thinks about the color of the walls. Probably, that’s why people hardly try to enhance the visual effect and get the landscape into the room. There’s no need for that, anyway. All that a bedroom with ocean view needs is a light natural color scheme, a big tall bed, natural home textile and minimum furniture.

1-bedroom-interior-design-with-ocean-sea-view-panoramic-windows-bed-wooden-walls-ceiling 2-bedroom-interior-design-with-ocean-sea-view-panoramic-windows-bed 3-bedroom-interior-design-with-ocean-sea-view-panoramic-windows-bed 4-bedroom-interior-design-with-ocean-sea-view-panoramic-windows-bed

Have you ever wondered why panoramic views are so tempting for almost all people in the world? In fact, the answer goes back to our distant ancestors. And it’s not in the least bit surprising: contemporary human beings are not so far gone from their great-grandparents who lived apart from concrete and glass.

According to psychologists, who view the present through the past, we are especially attracted by spaces and rooms that remind of the lifestyles of ancient hunters and gatherers. We feel tension and anxiety in exactly the same situations that troubled and risked the lives of our forbearers. Of course, in most cases we don’t draw parallels between these things, and just feel good in some interiors, and bad in the others. And when it comes to apartments and villas with sea view, we feel both safe and close to the nature. So, our subconscious seems to be saying “in such a place your hunting will be a success and your dinner will be tasty and safe”.

Our preferences are rooted very deep inside: according to research, when people look at paintings, the pleasure centers in the brain are stimulated especially effectively when we see the landscapes, and even more when the spectator’s perspective is located in some safe asylum. Just as in the bedrooms with ocean view.

5-bedroom-interior-design-with-ocean-sea-view-panoramic-windows-bed 6-bedroom-interior-design-with-ocean-sea-view-panoramic-windows-bed 7-bedroom-interior-design-with-ocean-sea-view-panoramic-windows-bed 9-bedroom-interior-design-with-ocean-sea-view-panoramic-windows-bed 10-bedroom-interior-design-with-ocean-sea-view-panoramic-windows-bed 11-bedroom-interior-design-with-ocean-sea-view-panoramic-windows-bed 12-bedroom-interior-design-with-ocean-sea-view-panoramic-windows-bed 13-bedroom-interior-design-with-ocean-sea-view-panoramic-windows-bed 14-bedroom-interior-design-with-ocean-sea-view-panoramic-windows-bed-white-ceiling-beams 15-bedroom-interior-design-with-ocean-sea-view-panoramic-windows-bed 16-bedroom-interior-design-with-ocean-sea-view-panoramic-windows-bed 17-bedroom-interior-design-with-ocean-sea-view-panoramic-windows-bed 18-bedroom-interior-design-with-ocean-sea-view-panoramic-windows-canopy-bed 21-bedroom-interior-design-with-ocean-sea-view-panoramic-windows-bed-bathtub 19-bedroom-interior-design-with-ocean-sea-view-panoramic-windows-canopy-bed 20-bedroom-interior-design-with-ocean-sea-view-panoramic-windows-bed-shutters 22-bedroom-interior-design-with-ocean-sea-view-panoramic-windows-white-canopy-bed



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