Cozy Designer Pet Bed from the Knit collection by Curver - image credit to Daniel LailahAs this month (April) is National Pet Month, I thought it would be apt to share a couple of pet related products that I’ve come across recently. You may remember a while ago I wrote a ‘Lust List’ post featuring a variety of design-led products for pets that are not only practical but that look great in our homes. Well today’s products could definitely make their way on to that list. Now in its 27th year, National Pet Month offers the nation a chance to celebrate the wonderful impact pets have on our lives. And apparently we take our love of our pets very seriously. A recent study of 2,000 pet owners commissioned by Panasonic Smart Home found that one in five pet owners actually prefer their pet to their partner. More than a third of respondents claimed that they prefer quality time with their furry companion over time spent with most of their friends. Moreover, three in four British pets are spoilt according to the results of the survey. Well, if you’re a design loving pet owner, these next few products could be right up your street and I’m sure your pet would feel pretty spoilt too. 

Cozy Designer Pet Home from the Knit collection by Curver 2 - Image credit Daniel LailahCurver has recently launched a new line of design-led products for cats and small dogs. The Cozy Pet Home is an enclosed, cushioned space and the Cozy Pet Bed is a snug uncovered den. Both of these designer pet beds look super stylish and will allow your furry friend to lounge in comfort. They are made using deep-texture injection-moulding and high quality resin and are inspired by knitting patterns. They are available in a unique colour palette developed to reflect current Spring trends.

Cozy Designer Pet Home from the Knit collection by Curver - Image credit Daniel Lailah

I particularly like the way that these designer pet beds merge functionality and design and would look fantastic in a contemporary home. In fact, don’t they remind you of those gorgeous oversized knitted poufs?

Now the other pet bed I wanted to share with you is by ARCHITECTONI and is called Wildthing. It is designed around safety and comfort and provides a home for our pets that reflects their personality. The makers refer to it as “a 21st century pet cave” and say that what makes it stand out from the crowd is the ability to create personalised looks.

Wildthing Designer Pet Bed by ARCHITECTONI

For pets with a laid-back personality we have the ‘cool white look’. If your pet has a colorful character you can represent it with one of the “personalized looks”, from ‘Carbon fiber’ to ‘Sticker bomb’

Wildthing Designer Pet Bed by ARCHITECTONI 2

ARCHITECTONI is a startup company founded by Antoni Georgiev and Vidka Nikolova – an architect and a civil engineer. So at least pets can be assured that Wildthing is really well designed.

What do you guys think of these designer pet beds? Are there any others that you’ve spotted?

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