There are many things to be said for the kitchen, one of them being that it is the ‘heart’ of any home. At Luxury Flooring we firmly believe that the kitchen is the central point of the home, as a family it is where you come together, as a sole person it can be where you come to relax; whether that’s letting your creative side loose and creating a culinary masterpiece or just cracking open that bottle of red after an excruciating week at work. Yes, the kitchen serves a great purpose in our home, but why do we continue to overlook the very foundation of it – the floor.

We have decided to take a look at some of the strongest contenders for the best kitchen floor to help you make the right choice:

Natural Stone Tiles
Whether they’re Marble or Travertine, natural stone tiles make for an absolutely stunning addition to any kitchen floor. The tiles offer a natural, rustic vibe that impacts the room almost instantly. Aside of their natural beauty they are also very durable and guaranteed to last for an extremely long time, which is ideal when it comes to installing them in a busy room such as the kitchen. Another great thing about natural stone tiles is their ease of maintenance, which will suit a family home that expects heavier foot traffic in the kitchen – less cleaning for a certain someone! This type of floor is also great if you have anyone in your household who is an allergy sufferer, this is because things like dirt and pollen physically can’t stick to natural stones like they can to carpets. So if you’re after a long-lasting, durable floor in your kitchen then we would highly recommend any Natural Stone tile!

One of the most popular choices of flooring for the modern kitchen, laminate is one of the easiest floors to install which may vouch for why it is so popular in many homes. There are a number of reasons as to why laminate is so suitable for the kitchen, but the ease of maintenance is probably among the top of them. All it requires is a simple mop or sweep, not even a deep clean, and voila; as good as new! Another good thing about laminate flooring is its resistance to things like scratches, dents and fading which is ideal for a room like the kitchen – lets face it, that’s where the most damage (if any) would probably occur! It’s good to know though, if any damage does occur to your laminate floor it is really easy remove and replace singular planks (which is how most laminate is installed nowadays).

Engineered Wood
There’s a lot of controversy surrounding wooden flooring in the kitchen, in fact it’s pretty frowned upon on a whole. However we disagree. Yes, installing solid wood flooring in the kitchen is probably not the best idea as it is susceptible to warping and contracting if it comes into too much contact with water however engineered wood is different. Due to the way that engineered wood is manufactured (using layers of ply with a top layer of solid wood), it is a lot more resistant to things such as temperature change and humidity levels which means it should keep its shape and avoid bowing/contracting if it does come into contact with a little bit of water. Not only will engineered wood give your kitchen that warm homely feel it is also considerably cheaper than real wood whilst offering the same appearance.

And there we go, a few of our favourite kitchen floors for a bit of a different look this year. But don’t let us choose on your behalf, check out Luxury Flooring for a wide range of floors for every room in your house!


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