Pastoral Jewel with Modern Spirit

A pastoral jewel with modern spirit and talented architectural presence. This stunning venture with Scandinavian stylistic hints is situated in a former sheep grazing field in Massachusetts, the USA overlooking the Atlantic and it is created in powerful connection with its surrounding

As a reverence to its location, agricultural heritage, and pure New England architectural forms the architects from Gray Organschi Architecture and Aaron Schiller had designed the contemporary residence as a contemporary reincarnation of a pair of barns with intriguing low pitched roofs and all-natural dark wood cladding that blends beautifully with its surrounding.

The luminous interior decor composition is in tune with the characteristic architectural construct – modern, spacious and o, so inviting. The natural materials palette (we especially adore the warm blond oak cladding and the stone base), the trendy pieces of furniture and lighting, and not to miss the sophisticated colour combinations sustained in neutral and even now playfully range are corresponding wonderfully with the organic serenity of the landscape.

The elegance of the architectural and interior style of this modern day property lays in its simplicity, natural connection with its surrounding and contemporary method in direction of materials, textures, and shapes. The second floor (exactly where the residing premises are located) offers magnificent views in direction of the distant ocean and the pastoral landscape. The architects cleverly had opened the premises during sliding floor-to-ceiling windows that invite the views and the normal light into the interior, securing luminosity and freshness for the decor composition. And a romantic spirit that requires your breath away. The light wooden cladding evokes cozy and welcoming feeling that has hints of Scandinavian simplicity and modern luminous expression. Many thoughtful information, wise design and style options and unexpected twists in the architectural form and design components make the exploration of this design and style task a genuinely satisfying encounter. Get a pick.  Photography by Matthew Carbone


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