This undertaking or MIMA Housing is a minimalist pref-which are flawlessly know to integrate into the surrounding landscape. Surrounded by a good deal of green, this rectangular minimalist pref its personal.

house in green

That result is reinforced by the Windows That also have a mirror impact. The interior is austere and minimalist. Also inside of the union with nature, wood was chosen as primary part. Both the panels and the floor are finished with soft wood panels.

prefab home with wood

By the exact same finish materials to use for the two floor, wall and ceiling, It would seem the space one particular entire. This is the best house for folks who are seeking for quick housing with a sober interior, with no the bond with nature to get rid of.

bedroom with wooden wall in prefab house

prefab house with lots of glass

prefabricated house in the green

prefabricated house

rectangular black house

wooden walls in prefabricated house


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