Windows and metal stair – minimalist house design

April 24, 2016   Home decorating ideas, Out side design ideas  

Today we introduce stairs a House with attractive window fronts and metal, which is a great example of how wonderful a small living space can be used. Namely, the exterior facades form an area of only 8 × 20 m. For this reason, the place used to upward and designed a House of three floors.

window fronts metal stairs small apartment three floors stylish architecture

The design for this comes from BUDi Pradono architects and impressed in many ways. The House is supported by stable steel carrier, which underline the modern look of the House, giving it a sloping optics.

window fronts and metal stair chainlink design paint white

Among other things the abstract and quite irregular architecture of the House already out there striking is striking. To the already mentioned, large window fronts and metal come staircase, which occupy the East -, South – and North side of the House and so in addition to the bright design for a friendly atmosphere inside. The plants and green spaces, which are distributed in the Interior have the same effect. You also ensures naturalness in the otherwise sterile Interior.

window fronts and metal stair Gaestezimmer minimalist house design

The three floors are divided into public and private living area. There is a large pool, the pantry, and a work area in the first. An attractive staircase of white painted metal enters the next floor. The second accommodates the master bedroom with an en suite bathroom, which is all 16 square metres in size and a wardrobe. You rising to the top leads to a lounge area with breathtaking views. Stairs also a bed and breakfast is located on the same floor of the House with Windows and metal.

window fronts and metal stair white parquet pool rustic

We provide stairs for you some photos of the minimalist house with Windows and metal, also from the inside for a look at. You can wonderfully serve you as an inspiration when it comes to the architecture and decor of your home. This modern hotel is located in Jakarta in Indonesia and more specifically in a trendy area called Pondok Indah, which by many rich and is preferred by stars.

window fronts and metal stair bedrooms wood moebel

window fronts metal stair balcony wood tree canopy

window fronts metal stair bar bench pool ladder open living area

window fronts metal stair ceiling pool area stahltraeger modern

window fronts metal stairs outlook indonesia holiday villa

window fronts metal stairs bathroom freestanding bathtub modern round

window fronts metal stair whitewall color arbeitszimmer concrete glaswand

window fronts metal stairs hatch window idea indirect lighting gloss flooring

window fronts metal stairs passion abstract architectural style facade white

window fronts metal staircase interior landscaping plants garden window fronts metal stairs basement pool design   window fronts metal stairs optical illusion steel angle raeger project window fronts metal stairs optically passion original design flooring   window fronts metal stairs Plot river management plan window fronts metal stairs sideview house architecture stimulus  window fronts metal stairs third floor floorplan Guest room small bathroom lounge

window fronts metal stair floorplan second floor bedrooms bathroom terrace


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