How to create an informal, modest residence, which nonetheless carries the sense of freedom, design, light and elegance? This challenging process was laid in front of the architects competing for the building of this spacious plot in Israel. The winner Eran Binderman + Rama Dotan Architectural studio designed dynamic, open “Mediterranean village“ – rooted strongly in the slated plot surrounding the creating composition.





The residence consists of 3 wings (privet, social and practical-serves zones) all strongly interconnected with every single other but mainly with the garden and the exterior premises. This connection and the blurring of the borders amongst the interior and the beautiful gardens, olive groves, and wide infinity pool are the ones defining the property and its character. Each room from the vast living premise to the cozy children rooms and kitchen dining blend are organically linked with the surrounding normal landscape. The huge floor-to-ceiling glass walls introduce not only abundance of all-natural light, ventilation and the esthetical pleasure of the green existence but also define the mobile, totally free spirit of this property – resembling a pavilion surrounded by gorgeous gardens.





The interior layout is elegantly corresponding with the “connectivity” of the architectural plan. The color palette is organic, light and natural. This allows the comfort and the artistry of the furnishing and decoration to stand out and compose 1 effectively-balanced environment. The furnishing effectively combines contemporary shapes with classic comfort, reduced round aspects with increased rectangular objects, natural materials, and functional additions.




These dynamic juxtapositions and combinations are furthermore underlined and spiced up by some art specifics and amazing objects that define room. Like the pure white bed wall in the master bedroom made by carpentry, laser lower to project the picture of the garden or the rural shapes of the swimming pool lounges. Altogether the home gives calm elegance, modern design and superb outdoor connection – what much more to be wanted for a comfy contemporary living?  Photographs: Oded Smadar




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