Canadian studio Y2H has completed a series of cabin-inspired homes for a woodland development between the shores of Lake Superior and the Mont-Tremblant ski resort in Quebec .

Spahaus and Trihaus by Y2H Spahaus

These 21 concrete and timber cabins comprise the first phase of a 31-unit housing development just north of Montreal, on the edge of one particular of the world’s largest freshwater lakes. It kinds element of the Fraternité-sur-Lac masterplan, which will also attribute vacation accommodation.

Spahaus and Trihaus by Y2H Spahaus

Y2H architects Loukas Yiacouvakis and Marie-Claude Hamelin devised two styles of contemporary housing for the project – the now-realised two-storey Spahaus, and a 3-storey version, named Truhaus.

Featuring a resources palette produced up of concrete, pale wood and large expanses of glass, both are meant to offer a contemporary consider on the traditional log cabins generally built in the Canadian countryside.

Spahaus and Trihaus by Y2H Kitchen and dining space inside Spahaus

The 21 Spahaus dwellings, which had been inaugurated in the spring, every comprise a rectilinear base with a “wooden playhouse” storey over. There are terraces on each floors, so residents can simply open rooms out to the components.

Spahaus and Trihaus by Y2H Spahaus kitchen

“Spahaus units blend into the naturally undulating contours of the mountain, with every residence positioned to keep other chalets out of sight, as if they were laid out on the methods of a staircase,” said Yiacouvakis and Hamelin.

“This technique marks a clear shift away from standard log lodges, the mythical Canadian cabin or plywood-hefty alpine cottages surrounded by boutiques.”

Spahaus and Trihaus by Y2H Spahaus living space

The three-storey Trihaus typology will be finished as element of the second phase. Much more suited to larger families, these will feature far more bedrooms, set beneath butterfly roof profiles.

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Both Spahaus and Trihaus are designed with rooftop plunge pools set among the treetops, but will also offer access to communal facilities for summer water-sports activities routines on the lake and winter skiing in the nearby Laurentian Mountains.

Spahaus and Trihaus by Y2H A rendering of the triple-storey Trihaus typology

Large panoramic windows will let residents to value views in excess of the lake and into the woodland.

All of the residences completed so far have been adapted to suit the landscape conditions of their person internet sites – a characteristic that the architects feel sets them apart from standard mass housing.

Spahaus and Trihaus by Y2H A rendering of the staircase within Trihaus

“We are working to create an assortment of properties in nature that are versatile and servicing-free,” stated the architects. “This assortment of residences was developed for this specific mountain web site, by rolling out a selection of diverse models that serve as a bona fide, alfresco artwork assortment.”

“This approach is not to be baffled with factory-developed housing, which may be desirable to some, but is conceived with no regard to ground unevenness, all-natural layout, vistas or the alignment of developments with human expertise,” they added.

Spahaus and Trihaus by Y2H Trihaus will have tall mono-pitched gables in contrast to the strong siding of its neighbours

When completed, the architects count on the internet site to function as a self-contained village.

A residents’ clubhouse and amenities which includes a swimming pool, water-sports activities jetty, tennis and volleyball courts are set on a peninsula that projects into the lake, while a basic retailer will be found among the inland housing growth.

Spahaus and Trihaus by Y2H The peninsula featuring a swimming pool, and tennis and volleyball courts

“On the total, the undertaking was imagined as a way to optimise and cultivate the sense of intimacy in between residences and residents,” said the architects.

Spahaus and Trihaus by Y2H Residents’ amenities on the edge of the lake

Trails lead from the shoreline up to the Mont-Tremblant National Park the place residents can embark on hiking expeditions and cross-country skiing.

Undertaking credits:

Architects: YH2 Architecture
Developer: Fraternité-sur-Lac
Builder: Richer et Laurence

Spahaus and Trihaus by Y2HSpahaus concept diagram Spahaus and Trihaus by Y2HSpahaus interior layout  Spahaus and Trihaus by Y2H Trihaus axonometric diagram Spahaus and Trihaus by Y2H Trihaus ground floor Spahaus and Trihaus by Y2H Trihaus initial floor Spahaus and Trihaus by Y2H Trihaus 2nd floor Spahaus and Trihaus by Y2HTrihaus sections Dezeen


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