Jardim, New York by Isay Weinfeld

Comments update: Isay Weinfeld’s 1st New York venture is the most recent in a string of luxury developments modifying the face of the city – but some readers consider the rush to construct large-end apartments is destroying the Large Apple’s regional communities. 

New luxury: Weinfeld’s Chelsea development will function two 11-storey buildings, including a fitness centre, an indoor pool and a secluded backyard. Units are anticipated to start off at \$two million (£1.3 million).

“Quelle shock,” wrote Dean. “Another luxury residential creating in New York City – that is specifically what Manhattan required to make certain diversity in the demographic.”

“Does New York City have any variety of housing other than luxury?” added Võ Duy Kim, even though Luke said that the city’s appetite for substantial-finish housing must constantly be “balanced towards the demands of wider communities”.

Other folks felt Weinfeld’s “basic and classy” design and style represented New York’s move away from “flashy” architecture. Read through the comments on this story »

Prime Air delivery drones by AmazonAmazon unveils video of its Prime Air delivery drones in action

Drone delivery: Amazon unveiled a video displaying the most current model of its self-piloted delivery drones at perform this week. But could health and safety laws thwart the on the web retail giant’s prepare to roll out the technologies?

“Governments are making it so difficult to fly any sort of drone near or in excess of men and women,” wrote Nicole. “Amazon will be taking a huge risk unleashing these in the wild.”

Abduction could also be a dilemma, according to readers. “What if I hold on to that factor when it needs to get off again?” asked Lisa. But optimists championed the project’s prospective to minimize carbon emissions.

“This could be so much far more sustainable than convenient delivery methods,” concluded Kevin. “It’s a single tiny stage closer to a zero-waste society.” Study the feedback on this story »

Mausoleum of the Martyrdom by Nizio Design InternationalSecond globe war memorial mausoleum nears completion at Polish massacre website

Memorial architecture: architect and sculptor Mirosław Nizio is creating a mausoleum to commemorate victims of Polish village massacres in the course of the 2nd world war. But some readers think his design is also daring to be a area of contemplation.

“This feels like almost everything to do with architecture and virtually nothing to do with the massacre,” said Michael Whittle.

“Occasionally subtlety goes a lengthy way with tasks like these,” agreed Camden Greenlee.

“So what would you propose – an additional piece of jagged anything from the Libeskind conveyor belt?” retorted CharlesCU. “It seems to be to me like an fully acceptable and empathetic place.” Study the remarks on this story »

Alejandro-Aravena_portrait_Cristobal-Palma_dezeen_ban-1Refugee tents are a waste of money, says Alejandro Aravena

Great intentions: the bad design of refugee camps remained a scorching subject this week, as Venice Architecture Biennale 2016 director Alejandro Aravena described the use of emergency tents as a waste of income.

Concerned Citizen’s response to the article provoked a robust reaction right after declaring numerous recipients of long term housing remedies “present no gratitude or respect”.

“So what then, give them nothing?” responded a commenter calling themselves MB. “I can not see any other way to resolve the situation than to deal with these emergency camps as suitable townships and produce them accordingly.” Go through the remarks on this story »

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