Present day Floating Shelves: Scopia Collection by Hülsta


Floating shelves are a sleek, contemporary answer to dress up a blank wall although adding a little further storage or show area. Inexpensive and simple to set up, floating wall shelves seem to jut out of a wall in a modern, minimalist way. One of the fundamentals in decorating the interior is managing to develop a best storage area in which you can display your books, decorative figures or framed photos. Decorative floating shelves are best thing which is especially developed to appear like they are attached to the wall.

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Scopia Assortment by Hulsta is uncomplicated, simplistic and versatile. It enhances the residing and dining room with out dominating the room – subtle whillst making a huge affect. Easy but elegant, the two-shell design of the carcase delivers nearly limitless combinations of colour, lacquer and wood surfaces. We love this modern day floating bookcase. Even to non-authorities, the initial class craftsmanship of Scopia is more than obvious. Modern day and simple to configure, the single unit program consisting of shelving, lowboards, sideboards, highboards and glass cabinets will suit each requirement.

scopia-designrulz (1)

The double-shell carcases featuring two colors and various compartment widths add a specifically fascinating note to this shelving method consisting of two carcase units. Box drawers in subtle or bold colours give even more assortment. Utilised either as a decorative accessory or a useful container, they are completely versatile eye catchers.






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