Electric automobile manufacturer Tesla plans to produce fully self-driving cars to compete with Google, the brand’s CEO Elon Musk has revealed.

A tweet posted by Musk on 20 November said the firm was “ramping up the Autopilot software group at Tesla to achieve generalized total autonomy”.

Tesla’s Autopilot software program, which was launched in October, offers vehicles with partial autonomy.

But it is now aiming to create totally driverless automobiles with the software program, competing with Google and major automobile brand names who have begun to experiment with autonomous technologies.

Musk mentioned he would be personally recruiting new workers to broaden Tesla’s Autopilot crew, incorporating that establishing driverless technology was “super substantial priority”.

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“We are looking for hardcore software program engineers. No prior knowledge with autos required,” he said.

“Need to mention that I will be interviewing men and women personally and Autopilot reports immediately to me,” extra Musk. “This is super substantial priority.”

With the current Autopilot system, cars are ready to stay inside their personal lane, keep distance from other automobiles, park themselves, and alter lanes instantly, as well as acquire information from the driver’s habits.

“Tesla’s Autopilot is a way to relieve drivers of the most dull and possibly unsafe factors of road travel – but the driver is nonetheless accountable for, and in the end in management of, the automobile,” Tesla explained in a statement.

Tesla's Model SD driverless carThe Autopilot function put in in Tesla’s Model SD indicates the car could be “summoned” by owners to choose them up autonomously

In accordance to Musk, in the long term the Autopilot system could also be employed by owners to call their autos to come select them up.

“You are going to be capable to summon the auto and it will come to wherever you are,” he explained. “It can even go a stage beyond that… if you have your calendar turned on, it’ll meet you there”.

Though current laws governing street security indicate Autopilot can not be used on public roads, owners can use it on personal land.

Tesla’s Model SD  – an update on its Model S range – is the very first auto to have Autopilot built in. The technique contains sensors that can detect prospective collision dangers, as effectively as a front-mounted camera that can detect street characteristics and pedestrians.

However Tesla is not the only organization putting its bets on the potential of driverless vehicles.

Google’s driverless vehicle was declared totally functional in 2014, and the company was recently granted a patent for methods that could be utilised by its self-driving cars to communicate with pedestrians, including robotic hands.

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Volvo has also developed a notion car that would allow drivers to relinquish manage when their journey will get uninteresting, and Mercedes-Benz’s Vision Tokyo is a self-driving idea automobile for “younger, urban trendsetters”.

Although Musk has stated he believes completely autonomous autos are at least three years away, the CEO has also suggested that automobiles driven by humans would be outlawed when self-driving vehicles are established to be safer.

“Men and women might outlaw driving vehicles due to the fact it really is also dangerous,” said Musk. “You cannot have a individual driving a two-tonne death machine.”

A strategist from auto brand Audi just lately told Dezeen that driverless autos could also spell the end for domestic air travel.

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