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“Bougies” is the title of the new assortment of stainless steel shower heads designed by Peter Jamieson for the Italian organization Ritmonio. The square stainless steel designer shower head is decorated with an additional twist and equipped with a compact shelf. There, you can make bath equipment, fragrance sticks for aromatherapy and candles that would generate a relaxing wellness ambiance in your bathroom. Or a plant that tolerates the humidity in the bathroom well, to supplement a nature-inspired decoration.

square stainless steel designer waterfall shower head Shelf

In truth, if you consider about it, is the only place exactly where you can be truly alone, is in the shower. And exactly this waterfall shower delivers you the likelihood to personalize this area totally and to have a genuine wellness encounter. Because specialized designers in architecture, he has combined space and object in a extremely simple, however clever concept. You can group two or three shower heads, to accomplish a highest impact, specifically if you have much more space in the bathroom.

Boogie Collection Shower shelves candles scented oils Wellness

The stainless steel designer shower head is characterized by straightforward shapes and compact sizes, which can be adapted to any bathroom. The reflective stainless steel surface is wonderful throw back the soft glow of candles.

boogies collection showerhead design stainless Ritmonio

Bougies are provided in a dual-movement version, to the waterfall and to enhance rain impact. If you shut your eyes, you can even an enchanted forest picture – pleasant fragrances, candle light and water noise. What you nevertheless want to feel total rest? Make your shower region in an exclusive and personal way.

rainfall shower head stainless steel shelves candles designer

square stainless steel designer shower head Ritmonio Peter Jamieson

square stainless steel designer showerheads candles shelf

square stainless steel shower heads bougies Peter Jamieson

Stainless steel designer shower head Ritmonio Peter Jamieson boogie

waterfall showers Stainless steel shelves equipped candles aroma

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