French Villa Designed By Julien De Smedt To Look Like A Bump In The Landscape


Grass ramps over the curving type of this property in the French countryside, which was made by architect Julien De Smedt as a contemporary alternative to the region’s “pastiche chalets” (+ slideshow).

Casa Jura by JDS

De Smedt’s company JDS Architects created Casa Jura as a retreat for a Parisian loved ones in Bois D’amont, a village in France’s Jura area.

Named after the region’s rolling Jura mountains, it sits with its back against a forested slope, facing down into a grassy valley.

Casa Jura by JDS

De Smedt partially embedded the property into the terrain, assisting to minimise its visual impact on the organic setting. Its two storeys are both shaped like waves, and slope down to meet the ground.

Casa Jura by JDS

The whole structure is covered in a blanket of grass – in a comparable vogue to a hump-shaped dwelling designed by Patrick Nadeau.

“We wanted this residence to embrace its landscape,” De Smedt told Dezeen. “We designed a home that unlike its neighbours would engage with the landscape and grow to be landscape.”

Casa Jura by JDS

“Our idea was to extract the attributes of the nature surrounding us rather than planting an additional chunky volume in the middle of nature,” he continued.

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“The venture functions as a series of cuts on the prairie, pushing and pulling it in distinct methods to generate a volume that merges with the landscape.”

Casa Jura by JDS

The reduce floor is occupied by two bedrooms and a bunk space, while an open-prepare living space occupies the upper level and benefits from accessibility to a pair of patios.

Casa Jura by JDS

Sloping landscaping back links the patios to the grass-covered roof terrace, where a suite of outdoor furniture is positioned to take in views of the valley and mountains.

Casa Jura by JDS

Preparing permission was initially rejected for the task due to its walk-on roof, so two and a half many years of negotiations and revisions followed.

Casa Jura by JDS

“Neighbouring houses were granted permits proposing pale copies of mountain chalets, built with fake wood or pastiche materials,” explained De Smedt. “We have been puzzled. The consumer was obtaining impatient, though not willing to give up our ambition.”

Casa Jura by JDS

A local paper picked up the studio’s preparing plight, noting that nearby Olympic gold medallist Jason Lamy Chappuis had been brought achievement by the firm’s Holmenkollen ski jump in Olso.

They nicknamed the undertaking Jump Residence and questioned why it had been turned down by the local authority, which De Smedt believes helped to sway the planning committee.

Casa Jura by JDS

“Two weeks later we were contacted by the municipality, the French law was revised and the allow was subsequently granted,” stated the architect.

Casa Jura by JDS

Inside of the grass-covered structure, rooms are finished with pale timber floorboards, white walls and are neutrally dressed. Accents of colour come in the form of brightly upholstered furnishings and botanical wallpaper.

Casa Jura by JDS

Furniture is organized inside of the a hundred-square-metre floor prepare to seem away from the surrounding neighbourhood and into the mountains.

Casa Jura by JDSConcept diagram – click for more substantial picture Casa Jura by JDSGround floor plan – click for more substantial image Casa Jura by JDSInitial floor plan – click for more substantial picture Casa Jura by JDSRoof strategy – click for bigger image Casa Jura by JDSSection – click for bigger image

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