Tesla’s Electric Model X Is The “safest SUV Ever” Says Elon Musk


Electric vehicle brand Tesla has unveiled what it describes as the safest sports activities utility automobile (SUV) ever created, which includes a “bio-weapon defence mode”.

Elon Musk – Tesla’s billionaire founder and serial entrepreneur – emphasised the Model X’s safety credentials, its practicality for each day household use and the significance of making sustainable electrical vehicles for the atmosphere during the launch yesterday.

“It is important to present that any sort of automobile can go electric,” stated Elon Musk. “We showed that you can make a compelling electrical sports automobile with the Roadster, we showed that you could do it with a sedan and now we’re going to show it can be completed with an SUV.”


The California-based mostly company’s initial SUV builds on the intent to make electrical vehicles practical for everyday use, even though keeping its position as a top player in the automotive industry’s latest shift to electric technology.

“The mission of Tesla is to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable transport,” stated Musk. “It truly is extremely important that we move to a sustainable planet sooner rather than later.”

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Classic manufacturers are responding to Tesla’s innovations, with firms like Porsche, Aston Martin, Audi, Bentley and McLaren all not too long ago launching versions that use hybrid and electrical engineering.


Tech giant Apple is also rumoured to be building an electric vehicle with the ultimate aim of creating ever-far more effective battery technologies that could be employed in other client merchandise.

Every single component of the Model X was designed with safety as the very first priority, according to Musk, who went on to describe it as “the safest SUV ever produced”.

“We have acquired to such a low probability of damage from a high-velocity collision thanks to the layout and fundamental architecture of the auto,” he continued.


A floor-mounted battery forms the foundation of the Model X’s architecture, creating a low centre of gravity that decreases the likelihood of the motor vehicle currently being flipped over in an accident.

By positioning a modest electric motor down by the battery pack, the Model X has a more substantial “crumple zone” than most petrol-powered automobiles, where the engine block is housed at the front.

The crumple zone is the section of a car developed to crush effortlessly in a crash and absorb the primary force of an influence.


“The net effect is that you have received a significantly greater distance for the crumple zone,” mentioned Musk. “Taking affect power is about force more than distance. If you have acquired a more substantial crumple zone, you can distribute that force above a longer distance and have a much more effective de-acceleration.”

In addition to designing a structure that is safer than comparable SUVs offered on the industry, Tesla has also fitted the Model X with what it calls Active Security features.

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Cameras and a radar method interpret the proximity and likeliness of collisions, and immediately engage the brakes when required. Ultra-sonic sensors are also fitted about the car, which let the auto to immediately steer away from the perceived danger.


Enhanced air filters have also been developed for the Model X to make sure the occupants are not breathing in pollution from smog-filled cities.

“The air filtration method assures that you have air cleanliness ranges comparable to a hospital operating space,” explained Musk. “When the car is operating at greatest capability, we cannot detect any viruses, bacteria or spores – zero come via.”

“So if there’s ever an apocalyptic scenario of some type,” continued Musk, “hypothetically you just push the bio-weapon defence mode button – this is a actual button!”

The vehicle’s sensors also detect in which approaching occupants are, and instantly open and near the doors “like an invisible chauffeur”.


The rear falcon-wing doors are fixed on two hinges, permitting them to open up and out in tight spaces. If parked in a garage, ultra-sonic sensors determine the roof height and side obstacles, and instantly calculate a new opening arc.

Within, the windshield has been extended over the roof to provide much better views and enhance the driver’s awareness of other road end users. Pared-back seats offer increased storage area and leg area.

Model X is capable of a 257-mile variety (413 kilometres) in normal mode, reaching speeds of 60 miles per hour (one hundred kilometres per hour) in four.6 seconds. In “ludicrous” mode the selection decreases to 250 miles (402 kilometres), but 60 miles per hour can be achieved in 3.2 seconds.

Tesla’s other electrical cars include the Model SD that can be “summoned” by owners to choose them up autonomously, and the Roadster 3. that can travel in excess of 400 miles on a single charge. The organization has also launched batteries made to electrical power homes and organizations in a bid to minimize fossil fuel utilization.



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