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Spaces: Urban Outfitters | AO Life
Soirée: Wedding ceremony Chicks | Project Wedding ceremony
Design: EPUU | 

So, this publish produced me recognize anything about myself—I&#8217m not as enormous a fan of lace as I imagined I was! Back when I decided to make this attribute a recurring column, I hopped onto my trusty Google doc editorial calendar and popped in a plethora of ideas for every Thursday, now by way of May—my way of receiving ahead and brainstorming in one particular fell swoop. Every single week as I build out posts for the following one particular, I pop onto the calendar and see, &#8220Oh, I have &#8216mint&#8217 to cover this week!&#8221 or &#8220glitter&#8221 or &#8220typography,&#8221 and so on. &#8220Lace,&#8221 I believed, would be a cinch, but it turns out that it&#8217s a tough a single! It&#8217s not simple to uncover lacey material that fits my contemporary taste, but these gorgeous examples fit the bill and then some.

What are your thoughts on lace? Enjoy it? Hate it? I&#8217m all ears.

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