Film: Dutch designer Richard Hutten explains why he designed a chair with a distinctive X-shape on the back in the up coming movie in our exclusive video series for Italian furniture brand Moroso.

X-Chair by Richard Hutten for Moroso

Hutten’s X-Chair, which was launched this year at the Salone del Mobile in Milan, gets its name from the X-shaped connector that joins the backrest to the seat.

“The starting stage was the backside,” Hutten explains in the film.

X-Chair by Richard Hutten for Moroso

Hutton says he wished to create a playful piece of furniture, which will liven up the room it is in.

“It really is a quite round chair, a really friendly chair,” he explains. “It fits in all types of circumstances to cheer up the room.”

X-Chair by Richard Hutten for Moroso

The wooden X is created by a computer-managed cutting technique and has somewhat curved arms, which align with the form of the seat and backrest.

X-Chair by Richard Hutten for Moroso

“The X is truly quite complicated as a form,” Hutten explains. “It is CNC-milled to really comply with all the curves on the back of the chair.”

X-Chair by Richard Hutten for Moroso

The X-Chair attributes a reliable tub-shaped base, which is upholstered on the sides in a rough textured material. The seat itself and the within of the backrest are completed in smooth leather to contrast.

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“I needed to have an inside and an outside, like when you open a melon,” Hutten explains.

X-Chair by Richard Hutten for Moroso

Hutton also created a more substantial model of the chair, which features two separate backrests.

“For much more public spaces we produced a two-seat model in which we extended the seat and doubled the back,” he says. “Your territory is clearly recognized when you are sitting in a waiting area or a lounge area.”

Richard Hutten with Moroso creative director Patrizia Moroso Richard Hutten with Moroso innovative director Patrizia Moroso

The merchandise only took close to 6 months to develop. Hutton says that he enjoys operating with Moroso inventive director Patrizia Moroso simply because she is fast to make up her mind.

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“Moroso is extremely Italian, it is genuinely household owned,” he explains. “Patrizia is the boss. If she likes it, we do it. I presented my drawings at the finish of final yr and now it’s presently here, so things move quickly, which I truly enjoy.”

Richard Hutten portrait Richard Hutten. Copyright: Dezeen

This film was made by Dezeen for Moroso. We will be publishing more videos about the Italian brand’s newest merchandise more than the coming weeks, which you can view on our YouTube playlist:



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