Plan Bureau Imagines A Twin-peaked Wooden House In The Mountains


A mountain setting prompted the design of this conceptual wooden residence, which features two cuboid volumes rotated at 45 degrees .

Valley House by Plan Bureau

Ukrainian architect Kostiantyn Kuvika, the studio principal at Plan Bureau, designed the house for a mountain setting, even though he says it could be adapted for various environments. In spite of its unusual shape, he insists it could feasibly be constructed.

Valley House by Plan Bureau

“We were aiming to create a distinctive and memorable architectural object, which would be economically effective to construct, highly transportable and installable,” Kuvika informed Dezeen.

“Its practical and aesthetic traits should allow it to be created in diverse environments this kind of as valleys, woods and mountains.”

Valley House by Plan Bureau

Named Valley House, the task is visualised on a remote rural internet site surrounded by mountains – therefore the twin-peaked profile.

Kuvika sees it as a vacation property for a loved ones, with residing spaces in its base and bedrooms in the boxy upper volumes.

Valley House by Plan Bureau

In accordance to the architect, the structure’s diagonal lines develop blurred transitions between these spaces.

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“The positive aspects of the uncommon form are panoramic scenes from distinct angles of view, spatial complexity and a distinctive internal space,” he explained. “Plus, the shape is easily recognisable.”

Valley House by Plan Bureau

Glue-laminated pine would be utilized to build the construction, even though the facade would be pine planks, taken care of with a waterproof finish. Pad foundations are specified to make sure it can be constructed anyplace.

“The main challenge was creating the Valley Residence adjustable to the different areas, particularly to the challenging mountain atmosphere, while at the same time retaining its architectural expression,” added Kuvika.

Valley House by Plan Bureau

“We chose pine timber for its sustainable, structural and thermal properties, as properly as the fact that it is widespread and gives a very good finish for interior and exterior surfaces,” he mentioned.

Valley House by Plan Bureau

There are no ideas to build the house yet, but Plan Bureau hopes to have the opportunity in the potential. Kuvika believes it could be rented out for brief or long intervals of time and would generate all of its very own heating and electricity.

Valley House by Plan Bureau

“The developing is not large, but it is practical,” he explained. “It could be a cosy holiday residence for a household, or supply shelter for mountaineers or little tourist groups.”

Photos had been made by A Marinenko and A Koval.



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