New York 2015: a new exhibition at New York’s Chamber design gallery pairs an installation and furnishings constructed from 3-armed modules with a set of phallic tableware.

Mobi by Sung Jang Mobi by Sung Jang, also principal image

Titled This is Not a Duet, the demonstrate consists of a room-scale installation and furnishings by Chicago-based Sung Jang and a series of tabletop-sized objects by Spanish designer Gala Fernandez Montero. The exhibition’s identify paradoxically suggests and denies a partnership in between the two new bodies of function.

Mobi by Sung Jang Mobi by Sung Jang

Jang designed a prototype for a curved tripod module, named Mobi, which was 3D printed and tested for power and stability. He then asked a Chinese factory to produce injection-moulded plastic versions of Mobi in polypropylene.

Mobi by Sung Jang Mobi by Sung Jang

Jang stacked 1000’s of the modules together to develop the installation at Chamber, which has a home-like type with a pitched roof. Numerous half walls divide the interior into a series of rooms.

Mobi Low Table by Sung Jang Mobi Low Table by Sung Jang

The repetition of the thin, curved module offers Mobi a presence that seems the two delicate and sturdy. “I’m interested in what individuals perceive to be lovely and what they will not,” Jang said. “Mobi, as you develop it, has elements of elegance and extravagance.”

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Mobi Bench by Sung Jang Mobi Bench by Sung Jang

Sung also employed the module to create a base for a extended bench and a coffee table. The furnishings was designed in response to the dimensions of the long, thin gallery area.

Adult Game by Fernandez Montero Adult Game by Gala Fernandez Montero

Montero’s collection, named Caro Ettore, pays homage to the Memphis designer Ettore Sottsass. As opposed to Sottsass, who usually used manmade supplies like laminates, Montero utilizes organic materials like stone and wood. “I met Sottsass as a pupil in Milan,” mentioned Montero. “I fell in enjoy with him simply because he was so amazing.”

Adult Game by Fernandez Montero Grownup Game by Gala Fernandez Montero

Caro Ettore consists of two series: 16 Tiny Sculptures and Grownup Game. The sixteen Little Sculptures are stacked totems manufactured of hugely contrasting Mexican stones of different colours. “I’m working in Mexico, so I have to have a relationship to the location,” Montero explained. “The stones are noble components and the locality has a richness.”

Little Sculpture #2 Tiny Sculpture #2 by Gala Fernandez Montero

Grownup Game is a box filled with objects of various varieties, this kind of as tubes, circles and X shapes. The objects are meant to invite rearrangement and perform, but the consumer should devise the guidelines of the game.

Little Sculpture #9 Small Sculpture #9 by Gala Fernandez Montero

The erotic connotations of the name relates to the sensuality of the materials in addition to some of the phallic and orifice-like shapes, according to the designer.

Little Sculpture #19 Minor Sculpture #19 by Gala Fernandez Montero

The exhibition opened for the duration of this year’s NYCxDesign festival earlier this month and runs right up until three July 2015 at Chamber, which is found at 515 West 23rd Street, New York.



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