Inspired by the alleged ease of nomadism, he created a modular shelving system industrial designer Assaf Israel and named him to the tent of the North American Indian “Tipi”. The multi-functional piece of furniture certainly meets the needs of today’s ‘city nomad”and Studio is offered by Joynout.

Solid wood shelving Tipi Modular wall boards basketry Desk

“Tipi” was created following a year-long world tour during the Assaf Israel dealt with topics such as the yearning for change. The idea of a living, combined with constant movement and new discoveries employed the brain in a special way. The curiosity-driven, dynamic world of travel could be a sort of challenge, an adventure, a journey into the unknown. A piece of furniture, which gives you more freedom and flexibility designed Assaf to open new horizons for the user. An object associated with the static, with the attachment Gets a new definition in his project.

comfortable setting shelves without fixing module system Wall shelves desk

Thanks to its modular design fits the Regylsystem “Tipi” in small apartments, as well as in public spaces. Quick and easy Assembly, disassembly and transportation go to the needs of mobile people today.

modular shelving oak wooden hanging rod deposit shelves spacious wicker baskets

“Tipi” accompanies the user for several years and offers a sustainable alternative for the modern consumer people. Yes, nothing new under the Sun but is a modular shelving with drawers and a clothes rail. Tipi but also works as a compact desk and is a real eye-catcher. The cone-shaped structure allows simple and convenient setting of the racks without necessity to fix. Only the upper part of the rods is fixed with screws to allow the perfect positioning of shelves.

furniture living room shelving system clothes hanger rod storage compartment

The Kontstuktion is the rods made of wood – and Regalboards were Very much precisely cut from solid oak and the mounting rings – made of Birch plywood on a CNC cutting machine. Tipi system is 220 cm, 250 cm, depth 52 cm and is composed of 3 shelves, 1 hanger rail, 1 shelf. The African storage baskets are made in a traditional technique from “Veta-Vera” grass by hand. The shelving system in original color wood or with black paint is available.

Shelf system modern solid oak integrated flowerpot Produced sustainably

Storage baskets Veta vera grass African braiding desk shelving system

tipi compact design solid wood oak birch Joynout Studio Furniture Design

tipi shelving solid wood modular construction inspired by nomad

traditional African woven baskets ethno look desk shelving wood

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