Lenticularisis Is A Combined Mirror And Scent Diffuser


Lenticularis by Sasa Stucin

Royal College of Art graduates Sasa Stucin and Nicholas Gardner have designed an oval mirror that emits a scented vapour cloud, partly obscuring the reflection as it perfumes the air.

Lenticularis by Sasa Stucin

The designers intend the product, called Lenticularis, to be part functional mirror, part personal and room fragrancing device, and part moving artwork. It is made from a water-jet-cut glass mirror, adhered to an acrylic backing plate with vent holes. The mirror is mounted onto a water vessel containing an ultrasonic atomiser.

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“It is a tool to dress the body in scent and enhance the interior smell landscape,” said the designers. “Visually, it is a dynamic painting, continually changing shape in response to the mini swirls and vortices created by people passing by.”

Lenticularis by Sasa Stucin

The concept references other attempts to replicate natural phenomena, like wave pools, imported sand beaches and dry ski slopes.

“We have experimented with air as a material, and methods of displaying amorphous and intangible substances,” the designers said. “The mirror uses a water atomiser to create an interior cloud. It is a replication of natural climatic movements, but skewed and manipulated into a tasteful furniture object.”

Lenticularis by Sasa Stucin

The cloud partially obscures the mirror, reducing its functionality. “The mirror has an expected function which we are trying to interrupt and replace with a different sensory experience by adding fragrance. The mirrored surface becomes a frame for the cloud to move and present itself in different ways. Like an open fire, it is mesmerising and hypnotic.”

Lenticularis by Sasa Stucin

Both recent Royal College of Art graduates, London-based Sasa Stucin and Nicholas Gardner’s work spans object design, art and photography.



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