The animals of this petting zoo in Germany now have new lodgings – a trio of larch-ribbed structures by Kresings Architektur that overlook a pond .

Petting Zoo by Kresings Architektur

The German studio added a new timber secure block, cylindrical aviary and slatted fence to the Schlossgarten (petting zoo) in Öhringen, a town in south-west Germany.

Kangaroos and rheas have discovered new residences in the stable block, whilst smaller birds reside in the aviary. The grassy paddock with its new fence is residence to the zoo’s donkey and alpaca population.

Petting Zoo by Kresings Architektur

The structures stand on the edge of a pond at the southern finish of the site. They replace an ageing animal enclosure, forming part of a larger improvement programme ahead of the State Horticulture Display in 2016.

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Larch ribs varieties the buildings’ skeletons. They adhere to the line of the enclosures’ oval floors, perpendicular to the facade.

The aviary is clad with mesh, even though the secure block has wooden walls, generating a house inside of a residence result.

Petting Zoo by Kresings Architektur

“This striking composition consists of 3 elements,” explained the studio. “These 3 come together as a entire and give shape to the place via their formal implementation as well as the prominent use of larch wood.”

“The architectural idea of a house within a residence is conveyed through a lamellar-like facade, which creates thrilling and alternating perceptions of depth.”

Petting Zoo by Kresings Architektur

The studio liaised with vets to tailor the environments to the demands of the zoo’s a variety of inhabitants, which consists of more than thirty species. Larch wood was picked for its non-toxic qualities and was applied to each and every of the three structures to create cohesion amongst the separate factors.

Petting Zoo by Kresings Architektur

“The use of larch wood is one end result of the near cooperation with the veterinaries,” explained the studio. “The wood is not only resistent and as a result sustainable, but more importantly, it does not need to be treated. As a outcome, there is no danger of inadvertently poisoning the animals.”

The enclosures are created to signpost the zoo’s spot and are visible from a close by street intersection and across the pond.

Petting Zoo by Kresings Architektur

“Multiple views from all directions are provided to individuals walking by and in especially to the little site visitors to the petting zoo,” mentioned the architects. “The attractive nature of the buildings is adjusted to the eye degree of kids and should serve as an inviting spot to pay a visit to and invest time.”

Other designs for European zoos include a thatched giraffe enclosure by Dutch studio LAM and a domed elephant enclosure by British firm Foster + Partners. BIG has also created a zoo, which makes it possible for animals to roam freely.

Photography is by Roman Mensing.

Task credits:

Architects: Kresings Architektur
Project staff: Kilian Kresing, Raul Zinni-Gerk, Nicolas Oevermann
Building contractor: Landesgartenschau
Landscape architect: RMP Stephan Lenzen Landschaftsarchitekten

Petting Zoo by Kresings ArchitekturSite program Petting Zoo by Kresings ArchitekturFloor prepare Petting Zoo by Kresings ArchitekturCross part of the stable  Petting Zoo by Kresings ArchitekturCross area of the aviary 



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