MM++ Architects Replaces The Old Walls Of A Vietnam House With Red Bricks And Pivoting Glass


Vietnamese studio MM++ Architects stripped a residence back to its concrete frame to create this pared-back open-strategy villa featuring red brick walls, pivoting glass doors and leafy gardens .

Thao Dien House by MM+

The renovation functions were carried out to Thao Dien Residence, an previous villa located in one particular of Ho Chi Minh City’s eastern suburbs – an location of the city framed by the twisting path of the Saigon River.


The authentic dwelling was developed in a faux-Art Deco type that the investor client needed to strip away and substitute with a more modern and open-plan home.

Thao Dien House by MM+

By retaining the authentic concrete framework alternatively of demolishing and commencing above, MM++ Architects was able to save approximately 30 per cent of the typical construction cost.

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The group then inserted sections of orangey-red brickwork and black-framed glazing to create the walls of the new residence.

Thao Dien House by MM+

“The intention was to flip the current building, a pastiche Artwork Deco residence, into a contemporary villa with clean lines and open spaces whilst keeping the whole current concrete framework,” explained studio co-founders Michael Charruault and My An Pham Thi.

“The building has been reduced to his most minimum expression, a white cubic shape,” they explained.

Thao Dien House by MM+

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Concrete lintels and porches protrude in excess of the gridded and glazed openings, which can be even more protected against the aspects by slatted timber shutters.

Thao Dien House by MM+

Two slatted walls surround an upper-floor balcony and give privacy for the bedrooms behind. As well as supplying all-natural ventilation, the trellis that surrounds the balcony will be utilised to help integrate the new structure into the grounds.

Thao Dien House by MM+

Planting on the balcony and all around the base of the residence is intended to increase upwards, covering the walls to blend the new structure into the gardens, which had been also landscaped by the architects.

Thao Dien House by MM+

“The vertical backyard extends the surrounding vegetation onto the walls and tends to make the house disappear into the landscape,” the architects explained.

“It produces a sturdy visual connection among the residence and the garden and provides an identity to the spot.”

Thao Dien House by MM+

Inside the house, trenches in the stone floor of the ground-degree residing space have been planted with small trees.

Thao Dien House by MM+

Three sides of the open-strategy residing room open to the garden. Glazed doors pivot from the centre of a single wall onto a decked platform by a swimming pool.

Thao Dien House by MM+

A staircase runs up one side of the now open-program room, delivering entry to the first-floor bedrooms.

There have been initially four, but this number was diminished to 3 to provide a more substantial area for the master suite.

Thao Dien House by MM+

“Starting from a bad current room top quality, enclosed, with no connection to the backyard, this task is an experiment to show how it can be versatile and fun to perform with an present construction, and to turn the development into a radically distinct layout and design and style, revealing much better spaces, including worth to the location and proposing a lifestyle closer to nature,” additional the staff.

Thao Dien House by MM+

Photography is by Hiroyuki Oki.

Task credits:

Architects: MM++ architects / MIMYA .co
Venture Architects: My An Pham Thi, Michael Charruault
Building team: Cuong Lam Quoc, Triet Le Huu

Thao Dien House by MM+Ground floor strategy Thao Dien House by MM+Initial floor strategy Dezeen


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