Kneip Designs Weathered Series Of Sculptural Atmospheric Sensors


London Design and style Festival 2015: Norwegian layout studio Kneip has created a set of four functional sculptures that measure and report on weather conditions (+ movie).

Weathered sculptures by Kneip

Primarily based on conventional resources and science products, the Weathered pieces measure numerous atmospheric problems like wind and humidity, as effectively as seismic exercise.

Weathered sculptures by Kneip Swell sculpture

Uniting wood and metal, each sculpture uses motion of some kind as suggestions in response to its surrounding problems.

Weathered sculptures by Kneip Swell sculpture

“We began up experimenting with a whole lot of diverse factors, but following a although we started to focus on previous measuring equipment and weather phenomenons,” founding partners Jørgen Platou Willumsen and Stian Korntved Ruud told Dezeen.

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“Weather has usually been fascinating to us. We wished to combine the aesthetics of science equipment and do our personal interpretation of their practical properties,” they extra.

Weathered sculptures by Kneip Hygrometer sculpture

The Hygrometer rests on a cylindrical oak base, with a thin bundle of horsehair threaded amongst turned brass elements that hold a U-shaped strand of carbon fibre. Dependent on how significantly moisture there is in the surrounding air, the horsehair subtly expands or contracts.

Weathered sculptures by Kneip Seismoscope sculpture

The Seismoscope measures seismic movements with a sculpture made of a circular copper panel and suspended brass stylus, held in an oak frame. The pendant moves against the panel in response to seismic action, leaving marks on the copper as a record.

Weathered sculptures by Kneip Seismoscope sculpture

Swell reports on wave movement in air or water utilizing a pair of wooden cylinders topped by copper rings, which hold a horizontal rod with a pebble connected at 1 end. These rock back and forth in response to nearby movement.

Weathered sculptures by Kneip Breeze sculptures

The Breeze sculpture consists of 3 wooden stands that hold flat oxidised copper circles and rings, joined collectively by rods, that move to present the wind course.

Weathered sculptures by Kneip Breeze sculpture

Every single metal circle shows various patination patterns. The designers explained: “In a lot of approaches we have kickstarted a procedure that more than time will take place naturally outside.”

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“We wished the surfaces to refer to a process the place nature over time will take management of their simple resources and return to zero.”

Weathered sculptures by Kneip Breeze sculpture

The pair had previously experimented with the bodily weathering of supplies in venture Pat. vol 1, which also featured sculptures with oxidised metal circles.

Weathered sculptures by Kneip Breeze sculpture

“This series is a more conceptual task in the sense that the objects refer to nature and climate phenomenons,” the studio commented. “There is also some thing beautiful with analogue objects, that have a clear objective and function.”

Weathered sculptures by Kneip Seismoscope sculpture

The sculptures will be shown as part of the one hundred% Norway exhibition at this year’s London Style Festival, which requires place at the Truman Brewery from 24 to 27 September 2015.

Weathered sculptures by Kneip Seismoscope sculpture

Operate from fellow Norwegian designers Osloform, Gridy and Tonning &amp Stryn will also be on display.



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