A corridor functions as an indoor backyard for this tiny house in Toyota, Japan, over which architect Katsutoshi Sasaki has put in a series of wooden sleeping platforms.


The want for all-natural lighting drove the design and style of Property in Yamanote. Found in an region just outside the city centre, the developing sits in the shadow of a 6-storey apartment block to the south.


This prompted Katsutoshi Sasaki – whose past tasks consist of a three-metre-broad home – to program the developing about a double-height corridor, with the intention of bringing light into every single area from the north side of the website.


“When I came for the initial time to this undertaking site, the total website was covered in shade,” he explained. “I proposed a project with a partnership to normal light, regardless of currently being in a shadowy spot.”

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“The north side of the web site is hardly impacted by the shadow from the apartment block. So I planned the area that would obtain light from the north side.”


Filled with pot plants, the generous corridor stretches west to east along the northern side of the constructing. In contrast to the rest of the house, which has wooden floors, its surface is concrete. Sasaki describes it as a dirt floor.


At the far finish, a staircase produces a route up alongside the space. The wooden stairs are sandwiched among two walls, and each and every tread attributes several narrow openings to permit light to filter by means of.


A series of landings break the staircase into various phases, and each and every one particular prospects by way of a different sleeping platform suspended over the corridor. There are three in complete, all at diverse heights.


Horizontal lengths of wood give see-through partitions on the two sides of every single platform, so residents can search across them, and also see through to the floor under.

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The rest of the 110-square-metre residence is single storey, so Sasaki could add windows on the southern wall of the double-height volume to bring light into the area from above.


“This light-receiving volume catches the powerful sunlight from the south in the stairs room, and sends soft light to rooms by way of there,” said the architect. “The light adopted by several windows creates a assortment of internal scenery with synergy.”


The rest of the house is divided into three zones. A master bedroom occupies the western end, although the eastern end accommodates a mixed living, dining, kitchen and study area. Bathrooms and utility rooms are slotted in between.


A modest patio with a skylight overhead is found on the south side of the strategy. There is also a terrace on the reduced segment of the roof.

Sasaki established his architecture studio in 2008. Other projects by the office include a triangular home poking out of the ground in Gifu and a four-winged residence, also in Toyota.

Photography is by Katsutoshi Sasaki + Associates.

Venture credits:

Design staff: Katsutoshi Sasaki + Associates
Framework firm: Tatsumi Terado Structural Studio
Construction firm: Inoue Building

House-in-Yamanote-by-Katsutoshi-Sasaki_dezeen_1Ground floor prepare House-in-Yamanote-by-Katsutoshi-Sasaki_dezeen_21st floor strategy House-in-Yamanote-by-Katsutoshi-Sasaki_dezeen_4Sections House-in-Yamanote-by-Katsutoshi-Sasaki_dezeen_3In depth part Dezeen


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