Archisutra by Federico Babina

Architectural illustrator Federico Babina has produced his personal edition of the Kama Sutra, the place buildings rather than men and women demonstrate sexual positions.

Named Archisutra, Babina’s newest task is a series of poster prints that each characteristic pairs of buildings that appear to be engaging in sexual intercourse, referencing the ancient Indian Hindu guidebook to adore and intercourse.

Archisutra by Federico Babina

In every image, the buildings’ structures have been drawn to resemble distinct parts of the human anatomy. Differently sized windows look like facial characteristics, although angled volumes get the kind of arms and legs.

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“It really is constantly exciting to play with the architectural forms and volumes,” explained Babina. “You can interweave geometries to create a sculptural physique shaking in a voluptuous architectural embrace.”

Archisutra by Federico Babina

Some pictures in the series are two-dimensional, while other people have been drawn in three dimensions.

Babina has also produced composite photos that present a selection of configurations. One of these, named Orgytecture, shows a tower block produced up of the different structures.

Archisutra by Federico Babina

In accordance to the illustrator, the series highlights the sexual symbolism inherent in several popular buildings. He refers to a quote from Swiss-French architect Bernard Tschumi, who wrote: “Architecture is the ultimate erotic act”.

“A lot of architectural constructions lean, voluntarily or involuntarily, on metaphoric values and on sexual symbolism,” said Babina. “The semantic, metaphoric and symbolic that means of architecture is a continual by means of the ages irrespective of the design and the historical time period.”

Archisutra by Federico Babina

“Concurrently, in these illustrations I like to picture an anthropomorphic architecture infused by surreal themes to depict the unconscious double-lifestyle of architecture,” he extra.

Babina has designed several image collections based mostly on well-known architectural images and characters. Examples contain a series of architectural portraits made from developing components, and an alphabet of architects.

Archisutra by Federico Babina

For Archisutra, Babina explained he was inspired by an image that featured on the cover of Rem Koolhaas’ Delirious New York.

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“I really like the picture by Madelon Vriesendorp, Flagrant Delit, which is a representation of publish-coital Empire State and Chrysler Buildings caught in bed by the Rockefeller Constructing,” he said.

Archisutra by Federico Babina

“1 way to explore not only the functional component of architecture, but also its capacity of communication is by highlighting the traces of sexuality and sensuality hidden among shapes,” he extra.

Babina’s other recent projects feature architect estimates reimagined as roadside advertisements and abstract details of popular buildings.

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