DIY Painted Children's Blocks | Dream Green DIY

I could not have children, but I sure value kids&#8217s decor and style! There&#8217s just anything about that unabashedly whimsical globe total of colour, patterns and playful silhouettes. So, truth be told, I never ever shy away from the notion of putting with each other DIY projects primarily based on a minor one&#8217s taste and aesthetic.

Get my latest undertaking for eHow as an example. These two-toned, metallic DIY painted children&#8217s blocks are one thing that I&#8217ve been aching to put collectively, if for no other explanation than &#8220just for exciting.&#8221 Aren&#8217t they cute? Learn how to make your very own (you know&#8230if you really have youngsters and, therefore, a correct excuse to make them) proper over here on eHow.

DIY Painted Children's Blocks | Dream Green DIY

Dream Green DIY


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