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1st of all, I just wished to send a huge, giant THANK YOU out to the world for all of the awesome suggestions from yesterday&#8217s publish. Even though I knew that I needed to submit it for my very own excellent, element of me was absolutely a tiny anxious about the response. You all blew me away however, and primarily, I&#8217m just so thankful that you can now see me as a genuine person with actual insecurities. That&#8217s the greatest reality, and I don&#8217t mind 1 bit becoming viewed as &#8220just yet another 1 of the girls&#8221—in truth, I hope to reinforce that from now on! Thank you for listening and for loving&#8230

But. It&#8217s time to move onwards and upwards and talk about technologies for a adjust. I am a humongous fan of Instagram—as I know a whole lot of you are—and so, I imagined it was large time that I examine my favored photos editing apps with the help of my new Intel Tablet. Some you probably know of, whilst maybe other people you&#8217re just finding out about, but these three get employed daily by me and have aided me pull together an (at least somewhat) cohesive Instagram feed.

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To illustrate the apps in near-real time, I invited my wonderful and talented pal Megan Vaughan over to document the process of photo editing from begin to finish. The event started with a swift snap of my DIY leopard print sneakers, taken on my Intel Tablet in my studio, and then we moved on to transform the raw picture into what you noticed on Instagram.

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First up: TouchRetouch. This wonderful tiny app is wonderful for receiving rid of imperfections that would otherwise distract from the finished photograph. In the raw picture, my leggings had been covered with pet fur, but I was ready to use the clone tool on TouchRetouch to get rid of it all, so that the emphasis went on the shoes instead of my need to have for a great lint rolling. There also was a spot on the wall that I had forgotten to use a Magic Eraser on. Happily, TouchRetouch got rid of the drywall blemish without having me having to do any actual clean up. Hallelujah!


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I&#8217m going to go ahead and wager a guess that VSCO Cam is 1 of your preferred tools, as well. It&#8217s genuinely no wonder why. The filters are my preferred part—those in Instagram itself are just way as well harsh for my liking. Plus, the fact that you can decide on a filter inside of the app and then somewhat reduce its intensity using a sliding scale helps make my heart pleased. I have a tendency to prefer pictures that are only somewhat &#8220filtered,&#8221 and VSCO Cam permits me to have full manage. It&#8217s also where I do a lot of my cropping.

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I know it&#8217s not groundbreaking, but I&#8217m just going to say it: I Adore INSTAGRAM! The group behind this &#8220original&#8221 photograph editing app have really stepped up their game just lately. I utilised to have to edit the clarity and brightness of a photo in VSCO Cam, but now I actually desire the handle I get in Instagram. I can increase the brightness, perform with the contrast, even operate to resolve the actual angle of an image, all right there in Instagram—and it doesn&#8217t detract from the good quality of the picture like a great deal of other editing apps do when you get occupied with brightening and sharpening, etc. All hail Staff Instagram.

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Do you have any photo editing apps that you really like? An additional favourite of mine is SKRWT, which enables you to repair distortion. I uncover that this one particular is specifically valuable when photographing something square, which never seems to come via properly straight on a cellphone or tablet screen&#8230Feel free of charge to weigh in with your very own guidelines and tricks in the comments!

(Photographs by Megan Vaughan for Dream Green DIY)

#spon: I&#8217m necessary to disclose a connection in between my site and Intel. This could incorporate the Intel Corporation providing me with content, product, access or other types of payment.

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