New York 2015: in the most recent in our series of interviews with foremost New York designers, Bec Brittain explains why she studied philosophy and architecture before turning to lighting (+ transcript).

“I like the reality that I can be much more obsessive with detail on this scale,” mentioned Brittain, who is 1 of the brightest skills in the city’s vibrant lighting style scene. “I favor dealing with area on a smaller sized scale. I will not consider I was a specifically very good architect.”

However, her education could clarify why her lighting has a powerful architectural top quality, currently being far more angular and technical-hunting than the work of many of her New York peers.

SHY Light by Bec Brittain Shy light

Her breakout piece was the 2011 modular Shy light – an angular room-frame of thin LED tubes and metal fittings. “That was the solution that started out the enterprise. It was a easy believed I had of wanting to draw with lines of light — of just getting as spare as feasible,” she said.

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Brittain, 34, came to lighting through what she describes as a “windy route”. She began out on a item style course at Parsons College of Design but located it did not suit her.

“I did not genuinely know why I wished to make factors,” she explained, in an interview with Dezeen at the Worldwide Modern Furniture Fair in New York earlier this month. “I didn’t just want to mass make stuff for the sake of mass generating things.”

SHY Light by Bec Brittain Shy light

As an alternative she studied philosophy at New York University and then architecture at the Architectural Association in London ahead of heading back property to function at architecture studio WorkAC.

Following a 12 months or so she switched path again, ending up as a style director for New York’s premier lighting designer Lindsey Adelman.

“With architecture, you have to let go of a layer of detail at some point due to the fact you have subcontractors,” she said, explaining the job switch. “I like the fact that I can be much more obsessive with detail on this scale. It is much more pragmatic. If you have been that obsessive with architecture, you would in no way get something developed.”

SHY Sconce by Bec Brittain Shy Sconce

However she denies being a manage freak, saying: “I’m not a handle freak in the way that I comprehend that excellent isn’t going to exist.”

Brittain set up her personal studio in 2011, swiftly generating widespread acclaim and a roster of international customers. She now has six personnel.

Like Adelman, David Weeks, and numerous other prominent New York lighting designers, she uses locally made components that her crew assembles by hand to create the finished items.

Zelda by Bec Brittain Zelda Orbits

The Shy light nonetheless underpins much of her assortment. Utilizing a kit of elements, it can be adapted to develop a virtually infinite number of configurations for chandeliers, sconces, and table and floor lamps.

Her most current design and style, Zelda, unveiled at the International Modern Furniture Honest, makes use of a related tube framework as Shy, but with new connector hardware, so the type is primarily based on diamonds rather than triangles.

“At the finish of the day, I am drawn to lighting since I like the geekery behind it,” stated Brittain. “But I also love that it really is decorative, so I get to make stunning forms.”

Zelda Orbits 2 by Bec Brittain Zelda Orbits

Has her philosophy degree influenced her function? “I consider about this a good deal,” she stated. “I do have a cerebral side, and I don’t consider that is a excellent area to style from.

“At the end of the day, I am trying to make rather items. And so, it truly took a few years after getting out of school to calm that down a bit. It’s in fact been a process of unlearning and trusting my intuition.”

Study an edited version of the transcript from our interview with Bec Brittain:

Jenna McKnight: Can you inform me about your background?

Bec Brittain: I came to be a lighting designer by means of a windy route. I actually began at Parsons in their product design plan. It didn’t suit me. I did not truly know why I wished to make factors. I did not just want to mass generate things for the sake of mass creating things. And so I took a phase back and went to NYU (New York University) for a philosophy degree — to think about layout and philosophy and why I’m creating things. That of course doesn’t response inquiries it poses more.

Jenna McKnight: The place did you finish up following?

Bec Brittain: I ended up at the Architectural Association in London, which permitted me to go through the concept that I like to go through, and it allowed me to draw diagrams. It was an amazing boot camp in problem-solving. It is good to be in college and just be contemplating about stuff. It genuinely helped me build a varied issue-solving skill set — going from a philosophy school to architecture to merchandise design. It gave me a great, massive perspective.

Zelda Links 2 by Bec Brittain Zelda Links

Jenna McKnight: Do you consider your comprehending of philosophy impacts your patterns?

Bec Brittain: I think about this a great deal. I do have a cerebral side, and I never think that is a wonderful location to layout from. At the end of the day, I’m striving to make fairly factors. And so, it really took a couple of many years after getting out of school to calm that down a bit. It truly is truly been a procedure of unlearning and trusting my intuition.

Jenna McKnight: You have a degree in architecture and worked at New York architecture studio WorkAC. How do you feel that influences your designs?

Bec Brittain: Yet again, I believe it is about difficulty-solving. 1 of the causes I left that job is simply because I realised that I favor dealing with room on a smaller scale. I don’t consider I was a especially very good architect.

In item design and style, I like that my hands are touching everything and I can be in management. Of program we outsource stuff, but it all comes to the studio and we assemble everything ourselves. With architecture, you have to let go of a layer of detail at some stage because you have subcontractors. I like the fact that I can be more obsessive with detail on this scale. It’s more pragmatic. If you had been that obsessive with architecture, you would in no way get something built.

Zelda Links 2 by Bec Brittain Zelda Links

Jenna McKnight: Would you consider oneself a management freak?

Bec Brittain: I employed to be much more of a perfectionist — it can’t go out the door unless of course it is totally best. But there’s something about operating a company exactly where, you know, each singe iteration is the quite very best I can do at the time.

The Shy light hardware was four years in the past, and seem where it truly is at now — I have been capable to tweak and fine tune. You get far better at things, and you get to hold on developing. I’m not a control freak in the way that I comprehend that best doesn’t exist.

Jenna McKnight: What are you striving to accomplish with your perform – past, of program, illuminating a area?

Bec Brittain: I started out out with the Shy light. That was the merchandise that launched the enterprise. It was a basic imagined I had of wanting to draw with lines of light — of just becoming as spare as attainable. I desired to use lovely hardware, but I needed the piece to be about the lines of light.

That kept me occupied for a whilst. Helix was a riff on utilizing the very same hardware but really stripping it down so it was just curves of light. And Echo was a response to wanting to modify the way that light is perceived – it truly is bounced off of mirrors, so it’s softened and multiplied.

At the finish of the day, I’m drawn to lighting due to the fact I like the geekery behind it. But I also enjoy that it is decorative, so I get to make lovely types.

Zelda Links 2 by Bec Brittain Zelda Back links

Jenna McKnight: A good deal of your designs attribute modular parts. Why is that?

Bec Brittain: So a lot of my work – Shy and these new guys, Zelda – is about becoming iterative. It really is a kit of components. The Shy light can turn into a lot, much bigger, and it can grow to be site-specific. Zelda is somewhat comparable: the diamond is the unit, and we can start to multiply it and keep on developing.

Jenna McKnight: Are you interested in the company side of what you do? Or is style your major obsession?

Bec Brittain: I’m starting to think about my practice a minor differently in the past yr. There is completely one particular side of it in which I am operating a business, and it is my livelihood. That is in which I am looking at the bottom line and caring about revenue and becoming lucrative. But fortunately I am realising the much more that I can grow that, the far more possibility it provides me on this other side to do weirdo commissions or have time to do issues that I am not confident will be commercially viable, but it will get my suggestions flowing and get me really excited.

Skyhook by Bec Brittain Skyhook

Jenna McKnight: You are based mostly in Bushwick, Brooklyn, which has genuinely changed in latest years. How would you describe Bushwick these days?

Bec Brittain: I do not actually recognise Bushwick these days. I do not even know the eating places since there’s a new one each and every week. I’ve been there for 7 years. I moved there due to the fact it was low cost and it was the way I could get a little enterprise off the ground. I am fortunate. It is nicer to reside there now. There are spots to go, and there is tons of studio room.

Jenna McKnight: Are you preparing on opening a studio anyplace else?

Bec Brittain: Well, Lauren, my salesperson, is going to move to LA and she’s going to proceed functioning for me. So that might turn into our satellite office. I’m thinking of maybe receiving the tiniest storefront ever, so she can have meetings and hang lights. My favourite assembly guy is taking into consideration moving to LA, as well. So it feels like there may be a satellite workplace.

Jenna McKnight: What is it like to be a designer in New York proper now?

Bec Brittain: It feels like a single big pleased loved ones a good deal of the time. It is great that we’re all pals. There’s one thing exciting about it, simply because we’re often asking every single other, “What are you creating? And what are you generating?” It’s seldom aggressive. Of course we’re all ambitious, but it’s a really great vibe of every person feeding off every other.

I feel there’s a stereotypical American sensibility of just wanting to get stuff done, and that is playing out nicely proper now. It really is genuinely fascinating how numerous designers are really manufacturing their personal things, as opposed to licensing to huge businesses. That feels extremely American to me. It’s thrilling — this kind of DIY perspective.

Skyhook by Bec Brittain Skyhook

Jenna McKnight: Is it tougher right here than in Europe to license perform to large companies?

Bec Brittain: For me personally, I got into this simply because I like the generating. I like the management I have when I’m manufacturing and I get to make particular choices that may not be wonderful for the bottom line but it really is right for the project. I get to be in charge of that. For me it truly is a personal decision. It is how I want to run my lifestyle.

Jenna McKnight: How would you describe the layout sensibility right here versus Europe or other layout markets? Possibly the US is craftier?

Bec Brittain: This question is type of difficult to reply simply because I am within of it. I do recognise to some extent what you’re getting at, and I agree. Crafty can be a loaded word — and I never want to diminish craft either. I feel that good American layout is a deliberate choice. It is still extremely finely created. It truly is not not slick due to the fact they couldn’t figure out how to make it slick. It is an aesthetic choice, not a lack of design ability.

What I like about American design is that it feels like there is a whole lot of soul in it. I feel you can really feel that somebody’s hands have been on it. And I believe — I recognize — in a great deal of techniques there is an influence from the West Coast on East Coast designers. There is a moving away from slick and a moving toward some thing far more soulful and warmer. It is less buttoned-up. I see that going on, and I think about it really is not going on in Europe as significantly.

Themis 6 by Bec Brittain Themis 6

Jenna McKnight: Who would you cite as some of your influences?

Bec Brittain: Definitively Gino Sarfatti, which can be somewhat frustrating simply because he was so prolific. I’ll be functioning on a sketch and I’ll get so thrilled about it, and then I will realise he presently created it 30 many years ago.

To me influence is sort of this nebulous issue. I’m nonetheless obsessed with this Japanese armour guide following seeing the armour demonstrate at the Met. This kind of amazing colour and materials sensibility, and this kind of incredible shapes. So it truly is not actually about getting influenced by a designer.

I constantly have a difficult time with that query due to the fact who understands in which tips come from. I absolutely know that I’m absorbing tips from all all around me, all the time. What the sponge is selecting up is difficult to say.



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