Ever considering that cutting down the pine trees a couple weeks in the past, the weather in Atlanta has been somewhat mucky. Rain hasn&#8217t constantly been pouring, but the threat of it loomed for about 10 days, which created every little thing seem even much more drab than just before. Plus, rain often can make me lazy and pick to stay in bed rather than DIY. So, once the sun was lastly going to come out once more this weekend (hooray, spring!), I felt somewhat obligated to take advantage of it and get at least some thing accomplished.

That&#8217s all it takes. Just telling myself that anything is much better than nothing at all would seem to be a quite excellent set off for receiving off my butt. At least 1 mile. Just 1 cup of coffee. And then as soon as I phase out into the sunlight, I out of the blue get overwhelmed with ideas for what to do subsequent.

On Saturday, it was even now rather blah outdoors, so I chose the laundry room window as my 1st small nudge for some #slackerprojects that I&#8217ve been keeping away from for weeks months many years. You know the type—that final stage soon after painting a window, or caulking the trim&#8230 that crap that tends to make every thing appear a whole lot greater, but you just hold placing off.

how to remove paint from windows

I did both, initial inside the laundry space, then out. I&#8217d display you what the rest of the room looks like correct now, but I&#8217m operating on a handful of other factors, and want to share a larger update with you quickly!

By the way, I know that most of you will be familiar with this handy small gadget, but just in situation there is someone out there who, like me, has often just identified a random and meandering path of information by way of this DIY world, I believed I&#8217d share:

This nifty small dude is a mini glass scraper. All it is is a handle with a tiny grip, and a single-edge razor blade plugged into the end. In many instances, the reverse side of the manage merchants additional blades to very easily modify out the outdated one, but it&#8217s one of individuals resources that&#8217s actually economical, so they seem to merely seem in your house with no you ever remembering having bought it. I&#8217m rather confident I have two, truly.

DIYers (myself integrated) are familiar ample with a instrument like this to never ever in fact feel it&#8217s really worth a post by itself, but you know what? Badass DIYer Rather Helpful Lady when covered how to use a caulk gun for an entire post, and I genuinely realized one thing from it, even however I&#8217ve been producing caulk jokes because I initial began this website (5 many years ago, come April 1st!). So for the few who didn&#8217t know about this issue beforehand, I hope you enjoy never ever getting to tape off your windows once more, simply because this is WAY less difficult. 3 cheers for something low-cost and easy, proper?

Ha. I know. I couldn&#8217t aid myself.

Anyway, there&#8217s relatively little risk in utilizing this factor, but it is still a razor blade, so use the same volume of care you would with a pair of scissors—don&#8217t consider to consume it, don&#8217t run with it, and store it like it has something sharp on a single end that you&#8217d rather not get minimize by (aka, frequent sense). A handful of other tips:

  • Not like making use of painter&#8217s tape, you do want to let the paint dry first.
  • For larger locations, wetting issues down might help (I typically don&#8217t have this problem since I normally take away paint off windows, but I&#8217ve heard it helps with greater surface places)
  • Old blades have a greater risk of scratching glass than new ones, so use your judgement on when to replace
  • A retractable scraper is about the very same value as one particular that doesn&#8217t, so if you&#8217re acquiring a new one for yourself, I&#8217d recommend that feature
  • Use a thirty-45 degree angle when scraping.

Consider of it like going below the paint with quick, fast strokes alternatively of chipping it off, and you&#8217ll find that the paint will curl more than the blade and come in excess of in more of a sheet-like trend.

When you get sufficient of it accomplished, you might notice that a little cleanup near the edge of the glass is required. This is when you may well want to use a 90-degree angle to slice through the remaining edge so the paint comes off clean.

Far more operate from the weekend nevertheless ahead this week, but that&#8217s it for now. What #slackerprojects have you been needing to get to recently?

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