In June 2016, we’ve proven you a whole lot of great things. Here we want to highlight the very best DIY tutorials and the most useful how to posts amongst them.

  1. A Murphy bar is a fold down construction that can be adjusted to the wall or pulled to use. It’s ideal for small terraces and porches. Right here are several awesome DIY tasks you can attempt.
  2. Image frames generate visual room all around a photograph, separating it from its surroundings and drawing attention to the artwork itself. Floating image frames develop an fascinating illusion so we’ve gathered a bunch of DIY projects that will carry your artwork to the an additional level.
  3. If you have some wood furniture that requires a new finish or you want to extend the daily life of a dreary-looking piece of wooden furnishings then we’re here to support!
  4. Wood is the most popular materials for picture frames of all sizes since initially they were created of it and the tradition continues. Right here are a number of projects exhibiting how you can make really unique pieces.
  5. A bold ceiling can make a cool statement. Right here we’re displaying how you can stencils to make it truly cool.
  6. Canvas will make any artwork a lot more refined, and it will make your décor excellent. Here are numerous projects to make canvas artworks.


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