House B By Format Elf Contains Two Floors Within Its Large Asymmetric Roof


Format Elf Architekten has disguised a three-storey family home as a two-storey building by incorporating the two upper floors within a huge asymmetrically pitched roof .

House B by Format Elf

The Bavarian architecture studio designed Residence B for a modest plot on the outskirts of Munich.

The pitched roof is the dominant function of the house, designed to maximise the sum of living room on the restricted plot by containing the building’s two upper floors.

House B by Format Elf

The uneven angles of the pitch were determined by taking into account the required setback distances from an adjacent street and neighbouring homes.

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“The challenge was to maintain the totally free spaces that had been essential by the public construction authority,” studio co-founders Robert Maier and Stefan Hanninger told Dezeen. “The restrictions decreased the obtainable space to one particular third.”

House B by Format Elf

“The roof pitches, which have been established mathematically in accordance to the yard and setback regulations, have been implemented innovatively in the type of an asymmetrical roof in buy to produce greatest residing room on the tiny plot,” they added.

House B by Format Elf

A lounge and examine region are both slotted beneath the pitched roof on the uppermost floor, even though bedrooms and bathrooms are located on the degree under. An open-prepare dining location and kitchen occupy the ground floor of the property.

Both recessed and protruding windows puncture the street-dealing with facade, while greater expanses of glazing have been added on the backyard side. This permits lots of light in to the building, but also maintains residents’ privacy.

House B by Format Elf

The two rear corners of the house – exactly where the residing area and kitchen are positioned – are entirely glazed, although a skylight set into one of the roof’s slopes offers additional lighting for the upper-floor lounge.

House B by Format Elf

The residence has a timber frame, which facilitated a brief construction time of just six months. The underside of the timber floors has been left exposed to create wooden ceilings for rooms on the ground and first floor.

House B by Format Elf

The architects also created furnishings for the 250-square-metre residence. Taking their design and style cues from the house’s timber frame, they integrated two black wooden units to separate the residing space and kitchen from the stairwell.

Naturally coloured timber was utilised to generate the staircase and further developed-in storage spaces.

House B by Format Elf

The timber furnishings are paired with white walls and white polyurethane floors, intended to give the illusion of better area.

“The predominant colours and resources utilised on the developing are reflected in the interior style,” added the architects. “The white floor provides the space brightness and depth.”

House B by Format Elf

Format Elf Architekten, which is based in the Bavarian town of Töging am Inn, has previously created a trio of blackened-timber holiday cottages in the Bavarian countryside and an workplace featuring hexagonal perforations that give it the look of a matchbox.

Photography is by Cordula de Bloeme.

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