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This Paradise really does exist and is situated in 1 of the most exciting places Greece – area of Mani, on the Peloponnese peninsula. It was a fortress with a lonely Tower in the middle ages and these days a little guest residence is awarded the prize for ideal hotel design by 2015. A special highlight is the infinity pool overlooking the sea, surrounded by wild landscape, such as by human hands by no means touched. The strategic area of the Tower offers a breathtaking view – of the high cliffs of the coast on the sea and on the land back.

infinity pool oceanview dining chairs sheen deco romance sea

A pair of Architects has in 1994 in the wonderful location and the building itself in really like and turn it into a retreat. It was restored in a sustainable way with methods and resources that were used in Roman instances. Stones from the surrounding location had been fitted in the wall’s optimum of regional architecture to be adapted. In the garden, pool location and interior of traditional design Mediterranean for Greece and minimalist furnishings and products flow into each and every other in a extremely mild way, based on the golden rule of modern style “less is more”. The Guest House spread above 4 storeys and has 3 bedrooms with bathrooms, shared kitchen front yard and backyard, where is located the fabulous infinity pool overlooking the sea. several historical objects positioned in the region. From the Athens airport is outstanding guest property three and a half hour’s drive away.

infinity pool ocean view sun sea sun vacation

infinity pool ocean view swimming pool sea views are natural stone

infinity pool oceanview dining table decoration glass bottle sea views

infinity pool oceanview front door Natural stone paving tower fortress gate

infinity pool oceanview pool urlaum tower Medieval restored

infinity pool oceanview swimming pool mountains sky Natureview

infinity pool oceanview swimming pool roofing are promising Sun Sea

infinity pool oceanview swimming pools are promising sunset mountains

infinity pool oceanview tent Wine Candle Lanterns view swimming pool

infinity pool oceanview tower evening light natural stone view

infinity pool oceanview tower naturstein reasturiert Greece Stair

infinity pool oceanview tower restored natural stone fortress wild environment

Infinity Pool Sea View Bath Antique Natural stone window fitting minimalist

Infinity Pool Sea View Bedroom bed bedding wooden floor lighting nightstand

Infinity Pool Sea View Bedroom bed naturstein atmosphere

infinity pool Sea View Entrance Gate Steel paving natural stone tower

infinity pool sea view Natural stone rock tower plant trees

Infinity Pool Sea View Sea Fortress tower Burgwald Bay

Infinity Pool Sea View swimming pool Mountain views are natural stone

Infinity Pool Sea View Terrace Views Sea rooftop

Infinity Pool Sea View Tower Bay fortress greece natural stone

Infinity Pool Sea View Tower Fortress castle rocks sea

infinity pool sea views olive trees romance Folding table

infinity pool sea views olive trees tower Stone Guesthouse

infinity pool seascape natural stone tower Medieval fortress restored

infinity pool seascape stairs steel interior minimalist

infinity pool seascape stone terrace tower greece

infinity pool seascape sunset tower fortress Medieval natural stone

View Infinity Pool Sea View Terrace staircase Natural stone floorboards

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