Eindhoven designer Hozan Zangana has created a set of ceramics for the classic Persian new 12 months celebration based on the varieties of the calligraphic Nastaliq script.

Haft Sin ceramics by Hozan Zangana

A single of the rituals carried out for Nowruz – actually translated as new year – is the setting of a Sofraye Haft Sin, which is a table or dining cloth laid with seven or much more products beginning with the letter S.

When his wife struggled to discover a Haft Sin set in the Netherlands, Zangana made the decision to produce his personal updated edition based mostly on the forms of hand-drawn lettering utilised for Perso-Arabic creating.

Haft Sin ceramics by Hozan Zangana

“As a designer I am often searching for elements that signify the mix between my history in Iraq and my lifestyle in the Netherlands,” mentioned Zangana.

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“I come from a culture with a long background that is total of traditions and customs. Investigation has led me to go back in time, let us say six or seven thousand many years in the past.”

Haft Sin ceramics by Hozan Zangana

“But I have also looked at what we have right now,” he additional. “What came out of the research was calligraphy and the nastaliq script, which I have utilised for the lines and shapes.”

Zangana designed his Haft Sin set of 9 pieces in brown, dark grey and light grey versions. A quick rounded candlestick holder echoes the curves of letters, even though a lot more shallow bowls can be utilized to hold fruit or other tiny pieces of meals.

Haft Sin ceramics by Hozan Zangana

Wider flatter vessels serve as plates, and have lines incised close to the rim – mimicking single pen strokes. A single of the pieces characteristics a distinctive raised area in the middle, while taller vessels can be used to hold flowers or plants.

Haft Sin ceramics by Hozan Zangana

Other designers have used rituals as a starting level for work. Dana Douiev designed ceramic utensils for the planning of standard Ethiopian bread in a modern city kitchen, and Luca Nichetto and Lera Moiseeva designed tableware that would motivate ritual sharing of foods.

Haft Sin ceramics by Hozan Zangana

Make That studio similarly turned to tradition, when it developing a minimal edition of an historic Sicilian jug.

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